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2010Inhibition of oocyte growth factors in vivo modulates ovarian folliculogenesis in neonatal and immature miceMyllymaa, S.; Pasternack, A.; Mottershead, D.; Poutanen, M.; Pulkki, M.; Pelliniemi, L.; Ritvos, O.; Laitinen, M.
2010The ascent of woman from Queen Adelaide to Queen CamillaMacLennan, A.
2010Timing of de novo mutagenesis - A twin study of sodium-channel mutationsVadlamudi, L.; Dibbens, L.; Lawrence, K.; Iona, X.; McMahon, J.; Murrell, W.; Mackay-Sim, A.; Scheffer, I.; Berkovic, S.
2010Variant interleukin 1 receptor antagonist gene alleles in sudden infant death syndromeHighet, A.; Gibson, C.; Goldwater, P.
2010The density of human semen and the validation of weight as an indicator of volume: a multicentre studyMatson, P.; Myssonski, K.; Yovich, S.; Morrison, L.; Irving, J.; Bakos, H.
2010Relationship between cumulus cell apoptosis, progesterone production and porcine oocyte developmental competence: temporal effects of follicular fluid during IVMGrupen, C.; Armstrong, D.
2010Misoprostol as an adjunct to standard uterotonics for treatment of post-partum haemorrhage: a multicentre, double-blind randomised trialWidmer, M.; Blum, J.; Hofmeyr, J.; Carroli, G.; Abdel-Aleem, H.; Lumbiganon, P.; Nguyen, T.; Wojdyla, D.; Thinkhamrop, J.; Singata, M.; Mignini, L.; Abdel-Aleem, M.; Tran, T.; Winikoff, B.
2010Prevalence of neural tube defects in Australia prior to mandatory fortification of bread-making flour with folic acidAbeywardana, S.; Bower, C.; Halliday, J.; Chan, A.; Sullivan, E.
2010Avoidance of weekend oocyte retrievals during GnRH antagonist treatment by simple advancement or delay of hCG administration does not adversely affect IVF live birth outcomesTremellen, K.; Lane, M.
2010Macrophage activity in semen is significantly correlated with sperm quality in infertile menTremellen, K.; Tunc, O.