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2012Editorial comment on Foley Catheter Versus Vaginal Prostaglandin E2 Gel for Induction of Labor at Term (PROBAAT Trial): An Open-Label, Randomized Controlled TrialCaughey, A.
2012Parental diet-induced obesity leads to retarded early mouse embryo development and altered carbohydrate utilisation by the blastocystBinder, N.; Mitchell, M.; Gardner, D.
2012Should we allow organ donation euthanasia? Alternatives for maximising the number and quality of organs for transplantationSavulescu, J.; Wilkinson, D.
2012Alternatives to post-discharge home medication reviews for high-risk patients: Doctors' and pharmacists' viewsPadhye, V.; Ponniah, A.; Spurling, L.; Bong, X.; Shakib, S.; Angley, M.
2012Dairy food intake of Australian children and adolescents 2-16 years of age: 2007 Australian National Children's Nutrition and Physical Activity SurveyBaird, D.; Syrette, J.; Hendrie, G.; Riley, M.; Bowen, J.; Noakes, M.
2012The future of human embryo culture media: or have we reached the ceiling?Zander-Fox, D.; Lane, M.
2012Oxytocin infusion regimens for induction of labour (Protocol)Budden, A.; Henry, A.; Heatley, E.
2012Acute tocolysis for uterine tachysystole or suspected fetal distressTran, T.; Kulier, R.; Hofmeyr, J.
2012Women with gestational diabetes in Vietnam: a qualitative study to determine attitudes and health behavioursHirst, J.; Tran, T.; Do, M.; Rowena, F.; Morris, J.; Jeffery, H.
2012Tertiary education institutions should not offer pseudoscientific medical courses: standing up for scienceMacLennan, A.; Morrison, R.