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2013Antibiotics for treating bacterial vaginosis in pregnancyBrocklehurst, P.; Gordon, A.; Heatley, E.; Milan, S.
2013Early prediction of gestational diabetes mellitus in Vietnam: clinical impact of currently recommended diagnostic criteriaTran, T.; Hirst, J.; Do, M.; Morris, J.; Jeffery, H.
2013Elevated maternal lipids in early pregnancy are not associated with risk of intrapartum caesarean in overweight and obese nulliparous womenFyfe, E.; Rivers, K.; Thompson, J.; Thiyagarajan, K.; Groom, K.; Dekker, G.; McCowan, L.
2013Slow freezing and vitrification of mouse morula and early blastocystsZander, D.; Lane, M.; Hamilton, H.
2013Normal and premature rupture of fetal membranes at term delivery differ in regional chemotactic activity and related chemokine/cytokine productionGomez-Lopez, Nardhy Yadira; Hernandez-Santiago, Susana; Lobb, Andrew Peter; Olson, David M.; Vadillo-Ortega, Felipe
2013Fatally flawed? ReplyWilkinson, Dominic; Thiele, P.; Watkinson, A.; de Crespigny, Lachlan T.
2013The "research misconception" and the SUPPORT trial: toward evidence-based consensusWilkinson, D.; Gerrand, N.; Cruz, M.; Tarnow-Mordi, W.
2013Management of nonpregnant women with elevated human chorionic gonadotropinSchmid, B.; Reilly, A.; Oehler, M.
2013The luck of the draw: physician-related variability in end-of-life decision-making in intensive careWilkinson, D.; Truog, R.
2013Is it time to screen women with history of hypertensive pregnancy disorders for diabetes?Tran, T.