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2003The expression of 25-hydroxyvitaminD 24-hydroxylase and 25-hydroxyvitaminD 1 alpha-hydroxylase in human osteoblasts.Anderson, P.; Atkins, G.; Morris, H.; Kostakis, P.; Findlay, D.; Zannettino, A.; European Symposium on Calcified Tissues (30th : 2003 : Rome, Italy)
2001Differential Gene Expression in the Human Bone Microenvironment of the Hip; Comparison Between Control and Osteoarthritis.Atkins, G.; Kuliwaba, J.; Findlay, D.; Forwood, M.; Fazzalari, N.; Asia Pacific Orthopaedic Association. Conference (2001 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2008Tibial insertion of the biceps femoris tendon: anatomical and radiological description of an anatomical variantSolomon, L.; Stevenson, A.
2008Treatment of partial distal biceps tendon tearsBain, G.; Johnson, L.; Turner, P.
2008Posterior longitudinal split osteotomy for femoral component extraction in revision total hip arthroplastyBauze, A.; Charity, J.; Tsiridis, E.; Timperley, A.; Gie, G.
2008The brain monitoring with Information Technology (BrainIT) collaborative network : data validation resultsShaw, M.; Piper, I.; Chambers, I.; Citerio, G.; Enblad, P.; Gregson, B.; Howells, T.; Kiening, K.; Mattern, J.; Nilsson, P.; Ragauskas, A.; Sahuquillo, J.; Yau, Y.
2008Development of the Australian Core Competencies in Musculoskeletal Basic and Clinical Science Project - phase 1Chehade, M.; Bachorski, A.
2000Walking index for spinal cord injury (WISCI): an international multicenter validity and reliability studyDitunno Jr, J.; Ditunno, P.; Graziani, V.; Scivoletto, G.; Bernardi, M.; Castellano, V.; Marchetti, M.; Barbeau, H.; Frankel, H.; D'Andrea Greve, J.; Ko, H.; Marshall, R.; Nance, P.
2005Marked initial displacement predicts complications in physeal fractures of the distal radius: An analysis of fracture characteristics, primary treatment and complications in 109 patientsNietosvaara, Y.; Hasler, C.; Helenius, I.; Cundy, P.
2000Implant retrieval studies of the wear and loosening of prosthetic joints: a reviewMc Gee, M.; Howie, D.; Tsirgiotis, K.; Haynes, D.; Wildenauer, C.; Pearcy, M.; McLean, J.