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2007Arthrodesis of the elbow with two locking compression platesGalley, I.; Bain, G.; Stanley, J.; Lim, Y.
2000Re: The Graf ligamentoplasty procedure. Comparison with posterolateral fusion in the management of low back pain (Spine 1998;23(10): 1172-9) - In responseFraser, Robert D.
2010Loss of Tibial Bone Density in Patients with Rotating- or Fixed-platform TKAMunro, Jacob Terrill; Pandit, Salil; Walker, Cameron G.; Clatworthy, Mark; Pitto, Rocco P.
2008Retroacetabular stress-shielding in THAPitto, Rocco P.; Bhargava, Akshanka; Pandit, Salil; Munro, Jacob Terrill
2007The long-term efficiacy of corticosteroid injection into the acromioclavicular joint using a dynamic fluoroscopic methodBain, G.; van Riet, R.; Gooi, C.; Ashwood, N.
2008Clinical and Radiological Outcomes of Stand-alone Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion: Two Year ResultsCain, Christopher Marden John; Ardern, David W.; Wilby, Martin; Tizzard, Simon; LaRue, Bernard; Morcom, Russell; Hall, David John; Annual Meeting of the North American Spine Society (24th : 2008)
2009Gene expression profile of the bone microenvironment in human fragility fracture boneHopwood, B.; Tsykin, A.; Findlay, D.; Fazzalari, N.
2009Effect of scaphoid and triquetrum excision after limited stabilisation on cadaver wrist movementBain, G.; Sood, A.; Ashwood, N.; Turner, P.; Fogg, Q.
2000Degenerative spondylolisthesis: developmental or acquired - ReplyFraser, Robert D.; Love, Timothy; Fagan, Andrew Brian
2001To the editor: RE: Henriques T, Olerud C, Petren-Mallmin M, et al. Cauda equina syndrome as a postoperative complication in five patients operated for lumbar disc herniation. Spine 2001;26, 293-7.Fraser, Robert D.