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2002The effect of huffing and directed coughing on energy expenditure in young asymptomatic subjectsPontifex, E.; Williams, M.; Lunn, R.; Parsons, D.
2002Enhanced expansion and maturation of megakaryocytic progenitors by fibronectinHan, Ping; Guo, Xiao-Hui; Story, C. J.
2002Short-term infusion of LongR3 insulin-like growth factor (IGF)-I decreases hepatic IGF-I mRNA but not IGF binding protein-3 mRNA expression in pigsDunaiski, Vera; Dunshea, F. R.; Walton, P. E.; Goddard, Chris
2003Rehabilitation of spasticity and related problems in childhood cerebral palsyFlett, Peter J.
2009Delivery of recombinant proteins via the cerebrospinal fluid as a therapy option for neurodegenerative lysosomal storage diseasesHemsley, K.; Hopwood, J.
2008Proteomics in asthmaOsei-Kumah, A.; Hodyl, N.; Clifton, V.
2004Chimeric receptors with 4-1BB signaling capacity provoke potent cytotoxicity against acute lymphoblastic leukemiaImai, C.; Mihara, K.; Andreansky, M.; Nicholson, I.; Pui, C.; Geiger, T.; Campana, D.
20041024C>T (R342X) is a recurrent RHF6 mutation also found in the original Börjeson-Forssman-Lehmann syndrome familyLower, K.; Solders, G.; Bondeson, M.; Nelson, J.; Brun, A.; Crawford, J.; Malm, G.; Borjeson, M.; Turner, G.; Partington, M.; Gecz, J.
2004Persistent crying in infants and children as an adverse event following immunization: case definition and guidelines for data collection, analysis, and presentationBonhoeffer, Jan; Vermeer, Patricia; Halperin, Scott; Kempe, Ann E.; Music, Stanley; Shindman, Judy; Walop, Wikke; Brighton Collaboration Persistent Crying Working Group
2005PEX1 mutations in the Zellweger spectrum of the peroxisome biogenesis disordersCrane, Denis I.; Maxwell, Megan A.; Paton, Barbara Cleland