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1999Homozygotes for FRA16B are normalHocking, T.; Feichtinger, W.; Schmid, M.; Haan, E.; Baker, E.; Sutherland, G.
2001Hemifacial microsomia: progress in understanding the genetic basis of a complex malformation syndromeKelberman, D.; Tyson, J.; Chandler, D.; McInerney, A.; Slee, J.; Albert, D.; Aymat, A.; Botma, M.; Calvert, M.; Goldblatt, J.; Haan, E.; Laing, N.; Lim, J.; Malcolm, S.; Singer, S.; Winter, R.; Bitner-Glindzicz, M.
2008Folate awareness and the prevalence of neural tube defects in South Australia, 1966-2007Chan, A.; van Essen, P.; Scott, H.; Haan, E.; Sage, L.; Scott, J.; Gill, T.; Nguyen, A.
2007Upper-limb botulinum toxin A injection and occupational therapy in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy identified from a population register: A single-blind, randomized, controlled trialRusso, R.; Crotty, M.; Miller, M.; Murchland, S.; Flett, P.; Haan, E.
2005Frequency of truly cryptic subtelomere abnormalities - a study of 534 patients and literature reviewYu, S.; Baker, E.; Hinton, L.; Eyre, H.; Waters, W.; Higgins, S.; Sutherland, G.; Haan, E.
1999X-inactivation and marker studies in three families with incontinentia pigmenti: implications for counselling and gene localisationWoffendin, H.; Jakins, T.; Jouet, M.; Stewart, H.; Landy, S.; Haan, E.; Harris, A.; Donnai, D.; Read, A.; Kenwrick, S.
1997Clinical features in four patients with Angelman syndrome resulting from paternal uniparental disomySmith, A.; Marks, R.; Haan, E.; Dixon, J.; Trent, R.
2014Human Genetics Society of Australasia position statement: population-based carrier screening for cystic fibrosisDelatycki, M.; Burke, J.; Christie, L.; Collins, F.; Gabbett, M.; George, P.; Haan, E.; Ioannou, L.; Martin, N.; McKenzie, F.; O'Leary, P.; Scoble-Williams, N.; Turner, G.; Massie, J.
2012PRRT2 mutations cause benign familial infantile epilepsy and infantile convulsions with choreoathetosis syndromeHeron, S.; Grinton, B.; Kivity, S.; Afawi, Z.; Zuberi, S.; Hughes, J.; Pridmore, C.; Hodgson, B.; Iona, X.; Sadleir, L.; Pelekanos, J.; Herlenius, E.; Goldberg-Stern, H.; Bassan, H.; Haan, E.; Korczyn, A.; Gardner, A.; Corbett, M.; Gecz, J.; Thomas, P.; et al.
2008Epilepsy and mental retardation limited to females: an under-recognized disorderScheffer, I.; Turner, S.; Dibbens, L.; Bayly, M.; Friend, K.; Hodgson, B.; Burrows, L.; Shaw, M.; Wei, C.; Ullmann, R.; Ropers, H.; Szepetowski, P.; Haan, E.; Mazarib, A.; Afawi, Z.; Neufeld, M.; Andrews, P.; Wallace, G.; Kivity, S.; Lev, D.; et al.