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2023End-of-2022 stocktake updateWeightman, M.; Bui, T.A.; D'Arcy Robertson, O.
2023Association of polygenic score and the involvement of cholinergic and glutamatergic pathways with lithium treatment response in patients with bipolar disorderAmare, A.T.; Thalamuthu, A.; Schubert, K.O.; Fullerton, J.M.; Ahmed, M.; Hartmann, S.; Papiol, S.; Heilbronner, U.; Degenhardt, F.; Tekola-Ayele, F.; Hou, L.; Hsu, Y.-H.; Shekhtman, T.; Adli, M.; Akula, N.; Akiyama, K.; Ardau, R.; Arias, B.; Aubry, J.-M.; Hasler, R.; et al.
2023Global, regional, and national burden of allergic disorders and their risk factors in 204 countries and territories, from 1990 to 2019: A systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019Shin, Y.H.; Hwang, J.; Kwon, R.; Lee, S.W.; Kim, M.S.; GBD 2019 Allergic Disorders Collaborators,; Shin, J.I.; Yon, D.K.
2023Assistance dogs help reduce mental health symptoms among Australian Defence Force veterans and emergency services personnel: A pilot studyHansen, C.; Iannos, M.; Van Hooff, M.
2022Revisiting the effectiveness of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation treatment in depression, againFitzgerald, P.B.; Gill, S.; Breakspear, M.; Kulkarni, J.; Chen, L.; Pridmore, S.; Purushothaman, S.; Galletly, C.; Clarke, P.; Ng, F.; Hussain, S.; Chamoli, S.; Csizmadia, T.; Tolan, P.; Cocchi, L.; Ibrahim OAM, S.; Shankar, K.; Sarma, S.; Lau, M.; Loo, C.; et al.
2022Acute effects of Δ⁹-tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol on auditory mismatch negativityGreenwood, L.M.; Broyd, S.J.; van Hell, H.H.; Todd, J.; Jones, A.; Murray, R.M.; Croft, R.J.; Michie, P.T.; Solowij, N.
2022The DUB Club: Deubiquitinating Enzymes and Neurodevelopmental DisordersJolly, L.A.; Kumar, R.; Penzes, P.; Piper, M.; Gecz, J.
2022Evaluating study designs and treatment outcomes of antidepressant pharmacogenetic clinical trials - Challenges and future perspectives. A critical reviewMinelli, A.; Barlati, S.; Baune, B.T.
2022End-of-2021 stocktake update.Weightman, M.; Bui, T.A.; Robertson, O.D.
2022In defence of the Royal CollegeWeightman, M.
2022Work-related, socio-cultural, and personal factors associated with locus of control among Australian general practitionersParajuli, D.R.; Ullah, S.; McGrail, M.; McLachlan, C.S.; Isaac, V.
2022Listening to the silent struggles of bipolar disorder through sonification of iMoodJournal dataAngeler, D.G.; Eyre, H.A.; Berk, M.
2022Does switching between high frequency rTMS and theta burst stimulation improve depression outcomes?Chen, L.; Thomas, E.H.X.; Kaewpijit, P.; Miljevic, A.; Hahn, L.; Lavale, A.; Hoy, K.E.; Galletly, C.; Fitzgerald, P.B.
2022Longitudinal relationship between posttraumatic stress symptoms and physical symptoms in military veteransGraham, K.; Lawrence-Wood, E.; McFarlane, A.
2022Multi-feature computational framework for combined signatures of dementia in underrepresented settingsMoguilner, S.; Birba, A.; Fittipaldi, S.; Gonzalez-Campo, C.; Tagliazucchi, E.; Reyes, P.; Matallana, D.; Parra, M.A.; Slachevsky, A.; Farías, G.; Cruzat, J.; García, A.; Eyre, H.A.; La Joie, R.; Rabinovici, G.; Whelan, R.; Ibáñez, A.
2022Effect of High-Intensity Power Training on Cognitive Function in Older Adults With Type 2 Diabetes: Secondary Outcomes of the GREAT2DO StudyZhao, R.R.; Mavros, Y.; Meiklejohn, J.; Anderberg, K.A.; Singh, N.; Kay, S.; Baker, M.K.; Wang, Y.; Climstein, M.; O'Sullivan, A.; De Vos, N.; Baune, B.T.; Blair, S.N.; Simar, D.; Fiatarone Singh, M.A.; Le Couteur, D.
2022Association between polarity of first episode and solar insolation in bipolar I disorderBauer, M.; Glenn, T.; Achtyes, E.D.; Alda, M.; Agaoglu, E.; Altınbaş, K.; Andreassen, O.A.; Angelopoulos, E.; Ardau, R.; Aydin, M.; Ayhan, Y.; Baethge, C.; Bauer, R.; Baune, B.T.; Balaban, C.; Becerra-Palars, C.; Behere, A.P.; Behere, P.B.; Belete, H.; Belete, T.; et al.
2022Global, regional, and national burden of colorectal cancer and its risk factors, 1990-2019: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease Study 2019GBD 2019 Colorectal Cancer Collaborators,; Olagunju, A.; Ahmed, M.
2021Introducing trainee editors and The Thought Broadcast podcast: Stepping forward for trainee researchWeightman, M.; Bui, T.A.; Robertson, O.D.
2021Analysis of blood mature BDNF and proBDNF in mood disorders with specific ELISA assaysLin, L.; Fu, X.Y.; Zhou, X.F.; Liu, D.; Bobrovskaya, L.; Zhou, L.
Collection's Items (Sorted by Issue Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 1260