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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Bats and Allee effects: When social behaviours go battyGregory, Stephen David; Jones, Gareth
2011Acute vision in the giant Cambrian predator Anomalocaris and the origin of compound eyesPaterson, J.; Garcia-Bellido, D.; Lee, M.; Brock, G.; Jago, J.; Edgecombe, G.
2010The smooth structure set of Sp x SqCrowley, Diarmuid John
2011Sensitivity analysis of impedance measurement algorithms used in distance protectionRohadi, N.; Zivanovic, R.; TENCON (2011 : Bali, Indonesia)
2011Signal segmentation of fault records based on empirical mode decompositionMusaruddin, M.; Zivanovic, R.; TENCON (2011 : Bali, Indonesia)
2011Discrete implementation of biologically inspired image processing for target detectionHalupka, K.; Wiederman, S.; Cazzolato, B.; O'Carroll, D.; International Conference on Intelligent Sensors, Sensor Networks and Information Processing (7th : 2011 : Adelaide, Sth. Australia)
2011Gathering correlated data in wireless sensor networks using a heuristic algorithmWang, Y.; Lim, C.C.; International Conference on Opto-Electronics Engineering and Information Science (2011 : China)
2011Effect of flowing medium for a simply supported pipe subjected to impulse loadingMohammad, R.; Kotooussov, A.; Codrington, J.; Blazewicz, A.
2010Dual processing models: The implications of developments in modern cognitive science for the study of gamblingDelfabbro, P.; National Association for Gambling Studies Conference (2010 : Gold Coast, Australia)
2010DescripciĆ³n del nido y cuido parental de la Estrellita esmeraldeƱa (chaetocercus berlepschi) en el occidente del EcuadorJuina, Mery E.; Harris, J. Berton C.; Greeney, Harold F.; Hickman, Bertram R.