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2015Causal mechanisms and balancing selection inferred from genetic associations with polycystic ovary syndromeDay, F.; Hinds, D.; Tung, J.; Stolk, L.; Styrkarsdottir, U.; Saxena, R.; Bjonnes, A.; Broer, L.; Dunger, D.; Halldorsson, B.; Lawlor, D.; Laval, G.; Mathieson, I.; McCardle, W.; Louwers, Y.; Meun, C.; Ring, S.; Scott, R.; Sulem, P.; Uitterlinden, A.; et al.
2012Repeat prenatal corticosteroid prior to preterm birth: a systematic review and individual participant data meta-analysis for the PRECISE study group (prenatal repeat corticosteroid international IPD study group: assessing the effects using the best level of evidence) - study protocolCrowther, C.; Aghajafari, F.; Askie, L.; Asztalos, E.; Brocklehurst, P.; Bubner, T.; Doyle, L.; Dutta, S.; Garite, T.; Guinn, D.; Hallman, M.; Hannah, M.; Hardy, P.; Maurel, K.; Mazumder, P.; McEvoy, C.; Middleton, P.; Murphy, K.; Peltoniemi, O.; Peters, D.; et al.
2014Genome sequence of the Listia angolensis microsymbiont Microvirga lotononidis strain WSM₃₅₅₇TReeve, W.; Ardley, J.; Tian, R.; De Meyer, S.; Terpolilli, J.; Melino, V.; Tiwari, R.; Yates, R.; O'Hara, G.; Howieson, J.; Ninawi, M.; Zhang, X.; Bruce, D.; Detter, C.; Tapia, R.; Han, C.; Wei, C.; Huntemann, M.; Han, J.; Chen, I.; et al.
2013Genome-wide association study of co-occurring anxiety in major depressionSchosser, A.; Butler, A.; Uher, R.; Ng, M.; Cohen-Woods, S.; Craddock, N.; Owen, M.; Korszun, A.; Gill, M.; Rice, J.; Hauser, J.; Henigsberg, N.; Maier, W.; Mors, O.; Placentino, A.; Rietschel, M.; Souery, D.; Preisig, M.; Craig, I.; Farmer, A.; et al.
2013Bardoxolone methyl in type 2 diabetes and stage 4 chronic kidney diseaseDe Zeeuw, D.; Akizawa, T.; Audhya, P.; Bakris, G.; Chin, M.; Christ-Schmidt, H.; Goldsberry, A.; Houser, M.; Krauth, M.; Lambers Heerspink, H.; McMurray, J.; Meyer, C.; Parving, H.; Remuzzi, G.; Toto, R.; Vaziri, N.; Wanner, C.; Wittes, J.; Wrolstad, D.; Chertow, G.; et al.
2017A pragmatic, phase III, multisite, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-arm, dose increment randomised trial of regular, low-dose extended-release morphine for chronic breathlessness: Breathlessness, Exertion and Morphine Sulfate (BEAMS) study protocolCurrow, D.; Watts, G.; Johnson, M.; McDonald, C.; Miners, J.; Somogyi, A.; Denehy, L.; McCaffrey, N.; Eckert, D.; McCloud, P.; Louw, S.; Lam, L.; Greene, A.; Fazekas, B.; Clark, K.; Fong, K.; Agar, M.; Joshi, R.; Kilbreath, S.; Ferreira, D.; et al.
2012Breast cancer risk and 6q22.33: combined results from Breast Cancer Association Consortium and Consortium of Investigators on modifiers of BRCA1/2Kirchhoff, T.; Gaudet, M.; Antoniou, A.; McGuffog, L.; Humphreys, M.; Dunning, A.; Bojesen, S.; Nordestgaard, B.; Flyger, H.; Kang, D.; Yoo, K.; Noh, D.; Ahn, S.; Dork, T.; Schürmann, P.; Karstens, J.; Hillemanns, P.; Couch, F.; Olson, J.; Vachon, C.; et al.
2002Considerations for the safe prescribing and use of COX-2-specific inhibitorsBarraclough, D.; Bertouch, J.; Brooks, P.; Brown, M.; Cleland, L.; Clemens, L.; Crowley, S.; Day, R.; DeJager, J.; Edmonds, J.; Fletcher, P.; Franks, G.; Harris, D.; Horowitz, J.; Johnston, M.; Kerr, S.; Littlejohn, G.; MacDonald, G.; McColl, G.; Sambrook, P.; et al.
2019Research priorities for childhood chronic conditions: a workshop reportLopez-Vargas, P.; Tong, A.; Crowe, S.; Alexander, S.; Caldwell, P.; Campbell, D.; Couper, J.; Davidson, A.; De, S.; Fitzgerald, D.; Haddad, S.; Hill, S.; Howell, M.; Jaffe, A.; James, L.; Ju, A.; Manera, K.; McKenzie, A.; Morrow, A.; Odgers, H.; et al.
2008Progress and prospects in rat genetics: a community viewAitman, T.; Critser, J.; Cuppen, E.; Dominiczak, A.; Fernandez-Suarez, X.; Flint, J.; Gauguier, D.; Geurts, A.; Gould, M.; Harris, P.; Holmdahl, R.; Hubner, N.; Izsvák, Z.; Jacob, H.; Kuramoto, T.; Kwitek, A.; Marrone, A.; Mashimo, T.; Moreno, C.; Mullins, J.; et al.