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2000Explicit finite difference methods for variable velocity advection in the presence of a sourceNoye, B. J.
2001Three-dimensional inviscid waves in buoyant boundary layer flowsDenier, James Patrick; Stott, Jillian A. K.; Bassom, Andrew Peter
2000Length isn't everything - use of the Macedonian sarissa in the time of Alexander the GreatDickinson, Rowland Ernest
2000On two lemmas of Brown and Shepp having application to sum sets and fractals, IIIElezovic, N.; Matic, M.; Pearce, Charles E. M.; Pecaric, Josip
2001The Australian Torrens System: A reappraisalBradbrook, A.; 05 Dec 1997 : Marburg, Germany)
2002Genome-wide search for markers associated with bovine spongiform encephalopathyHernández-Sánchez, J.; Waddington, D.; Wiener, P.; Haley, C.; Williams, J.
2006Technical effectiveness of artificial recharge structures in hard rock area - A case study in Coimbatore District, IndiaPalanisami, K.; Raviraj, A.; Bose, J.; Gurunathan, S.; Arivalagan, T.; Thirumurthi, S.; 5th International Symposium on Management of Aquifer Recharge: Recharge systems for protecting and enhancing groundwater resources (ISMAR5) (10 Jun 2005 - 16 Jun 2005 : Berlin, Germany)
2003Six-legged science: lessons learnt in informal science educationStephens, Claire Jane; Stevens, Nicholas Benjamin
2004Pre-selection of independent binary features: an application to diagnosing scrapie in sheepKuncheva, L.; Whitaker, C.; Cockcroft, P.; Hoare, Z.S.; 20th Conference on Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI '04) (07 Jul 2004 - 11 Jul 2004 : Banff, Canada)
2005Double-WolfCastro, B.