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2010Computer algebra compares the stochastic superslow manifold of an averaged SPDE with that of the original slow-fast SPDERoberts, A.
2012'I don't believe in discrimination but... this is just too far': political discourse in the Australian marriage equality debateMatthews, N.; Augoustinos, M.
2012Expertise and the wisdom of crowds: Whose judgments to trust and whenWelsh, M.; Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (34th : 2012 : Sapporo, Japan)
2009Domestic violence and maternal reports of young children's functioningZerk, D.; Mertin, P.; Proeve, M.
2011Analysing group interaction in focus group research: Impact on content and the role of the moderatorGronkjaer, M.; Curtis, T.; de Crespigny, C.; Delmar, C.
2012Multi-scale modeling of bulk heterojunctions for organic photovoltaic applicationsDantanarayana, V.; Huang, D.; Staton, J.; Moule, A.; Faller, R.
2009Computer algebra derives the slow manifold of macroscale holistic discretisations in two dimensionsMacKenzie, Tony; Roberts, Andrew James
2002An explanation for normal and anomalous drawing ability and some implications for research on perception and imageryMcMahon, J.
2008Does memory mediate susceptibility to cognitive biases? Implications of the decision-by-sampling theoryBruza, B.; Welsh, M.; Navarro, D.; Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society (30th : 2008 : Washington DC)
2012Averaging approximation to singularly perturbed nonlinear stochastic wave equationsLv, Y.; Roberts, A.