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2012Vitamin B-12 status during pregnancy and child's IQ at age 8: a Mendelian randomization study in the Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and ChildrenBonilla, C.; Lawlor, D.; Taylor, A.; Gunnell, D.; Ben-Shlomo, Y.; Ness, A.; Timpson, N.; Pourcain, B.; Ring, S.; Emmett, P.; Smith, A.; Refsum, H.; Pennell, C.; Brion, M.; Smith, G.; Lewis, S.
2016A generalizable NDVI-based wetland delineation indicator for remote monitoring of groundwater flows in the Australian Great Artesian BasinWhite, D.; Lewis, M.; Green, G.; Gotch, T.
1991Structure functions in the bag modelSchreiber, A.; Signal, A.; Thomas, A.
2010Djadjiling rockshelter: 35,000 ¹⁴C years of Aboriginal occupation in the Pilbara, Western AustraliaLaw, W.; Cropper, D.; Petchey, F.
1997On Some Mappings Associated with Geometric and Arithmetic MeansDragomir, Sever S.; Comanescu, D.; Pearce, Charles E. M.
2018Postoperative concurrent chemoradiotherapy versus postoperative radiotherapy in high-risk cutaneous Squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck: the randomized phase III TROG 05.01 trialPorceddu, S.; Bressel, M.; Poulsen, M.; Stoneley, A.; Veness, M.; Kenny, L.; Wratten, C.; Corry, J.; Cooper, S.; Fogarty, G.; Collins, M.; Collins, M.; Macann, A.; Milross, C.; Penniment, M.; Liu, H.; King, M.; Panizza, B.; Rischin, D.
2013Molecular breeding for phosphorus-efficient riceHeuer, S.; Chin, J.H.; Gamuyao, R.; Haefele, S.M.; Wissuwa, M.
2016Mitochondrial dysfunction in peripheral blood mononuclear cells in early experimental and clinical acute pancreatitisChakraborty, M.; Hickey, A.; Petrov, M.; Macdonald, J.; Thompson, N.; Newby, L.; Sim, D.; Windsor, J.; Phillips, A.
2014Abiotic and biotic factors influencing the mobility of arsenic in groundwater of a through-flow island in the Okavango Delta, BotswanaMladenov, N.; Wolski, P.; Hettiarachchi, G.; Murray-Hudson, M.; Enriquez, H.; Damaraju, S.; Galkaduwa, M.; McKnight, D.; Masamba, W.
2015Surgical site infection-a population-based study in Australian adults measuring the compliance with and correct timing of appropriate antibiotic prophylaxisHooper, T.; Hibbert, P.; Hannaford, N.; Jackson, N.; Hindmarsh, D.; Gordon, D.; Coiera, E.; Runciman, W.