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2019Correlates of discordance between perceived and objective distances to local fruit and vegetable retailersBaldock, K.; Paquet, C.; Howard, N.; Coffee, N.; Taylor, A.; Daniel, M.
2005Intrahepatic gene expression profiles and alpha-smooth muscle actin patterns in hepatitis C virus induced fibrosisLau, D.; Luxon, B.; Xiao, S.; Beard, M.; Lemon, S.
2019Comparison of cause of death between Australian and New Zealand Dialysis and Transplant Registry and the Australian National Death IndexSypek, M.P.; Dansie, K.B.; Clayton, P.; Webster, A.C.; Mcdonald, S.
2001Fast and slow gating of CLC-1: Differential effects of 2-(4-chlorophenoxy) propionic acid and dominant negative mutationsAromataris, E.; Rychkov, G.; Bennetts, B.; Hughes, B.; Bretag, A.; Roberts, M.
2001Serotonin, excitatory amino acids and the photic control of melatonin rhythms and SCN c-FOS in the ratKennaway, D.; Moyer, R.; Voultsios, A.; Varcoe, T.
1998Nutrition, oseoporosis and agingNordin, B.; Need, A.; Steurer, T.; Morris, H.; Chatterton, B.; Horowitz, M.
2002The effect of osteogenic protein-1 in an in vivo physeal injury modelJohnstone, E.; McArthur, M.; Solly, P.; Higginson, K.; Byers, S.; Foster, B.
2018Neurodegenerative diseases have genetic hallmarks of autoinflammatory diseaseRichards, R.; Robertson, S.; Kastner, D.
2016Residential proximity to urban centres, local-area walkability and change in waist circumference among Australian adultsSugiyama, T.; Niyonsenga, T.; Howard, N.; Coffee, N.; Paquet, C.; Taylor, A.; Daniel, M.
2015Do relationships between environmental attributes and recreational walking vary according to area-level socioeconomic status?Sugiyama, T.; Howard, N.; Paquet, C.; Coffee, N.; Taylor, A.; Daniel, M.