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2017Blood pressure control in atrial fibrillation: one of many critical components in risk factor modificationLau, D.; Hendriks, J.; Kalman, J.; Sanders, P.
2017Atrioesophageal fistula: clinical presentation, procedural characteristics, diagnostic investigations, and treatment outcomesHan, H.; Ha, F.; Sanders, P.; Spencer, R.; Teh, A.; O'Donnell, D.; Farouque, O.; Lim, H.
2018In search of atrial fibrillation driver sites: is temporally stable frequency mapping a new armamentarium?Sanders, P.; Mishima, R.; Linz, D.; Lau, D.
2010Cardiac-resynchronization therapy for mild-to-moderate heart failureTang, A.; Sanders, P.
2018Associations of obstructive sleep apnea with atrial fibrillation and continuous positive airway pressure treatment: a reviewLinz, D.; McEvoy, R.; Cowie, M.; Somers, V.; Nattel, S.; Lévy, P.; Kalman, J.; Sanders, P.
2018Reducing risk of dementia in AF-is oral anticoagulation the key?Gallagher, C.; Lau, D.H.; Sanders, P.
2018Alcohol and atrial fibrillationGallagher, C.; Hendriks, J.; Lau, D.; Sanders, P.
2013Effect of atrial fibrillation on atrial thrombogenesis in humans: Impact of rate and rhythmLim, H.; Willoughby, S.; Schultz, C.; Gan, C.; Alasady, M.; Lau, D.; Leong, D.; Brooks, A.; Young, G.; Kistler, P.; Kalman, J.; Worthley, M.; Sanders, P.
2018Catheter ablation for atrial fibrillation with heart failureMarrouche, N.; Brachmann, J.; Andresen, D.; Siebels, J.; Boersma, L.; Jordaens, L.; Merkely, B.; Pokushalov, E.; Sanders, P.; Proff, J.; Schunkert, H.; Christ, H.; Vogt, J.; Bänsch, D.
2012Assessment of endothelial function in atrial fibrillation: utility of peripheral arterial tonometryWong, C.; Lim, H.; Schultz, C.; Sanders, P.; Worthley, M.; Willoughby, S.