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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Predicting liver failure following major hepatectomyGarcea, G.; Ong, S.; Maddern, G.
2008Porcine and bovine surgical productsEasterbrook, C.; Maddern, G.
2008Treatment of unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma with radiolabelled lipiodolKanhere, H.; Leopardi, L.; Fischer, L.; Kitchener, M.; Maddern, G.
2007Silver dressings versus other dressings for chronic wounds in a community care settingWang, J.; Smith, J.; Babidge, W.; Maddern, G.
2009The current role of PET-CT in the characterization of hepatobiliary malignanciesGarcea, G.; Ong, S.; Maddern, G.
2008Commentary: How surgical audits can be used to promote the update of surgical evidenceWang, J.; Boult, M.; Roder, D.; Babidge, W.; Kollias, J.; Maddern, G.
2008Rapid versus full systematic reviews: Validity in clinical practice?Watt, A.; Cameron, A.; Sturm, L.; Lathlean, T.; Babidge, W.; Blamey, S.; Facey, K.; Hailey, D.; Norderhaug, I.; Maddern, G.
2007Evaluation of an intervention incident aimed at improving voluntary incident reporting in hospitalsEvans, S.; Smith, B.; Esterman, A.; Runciman, W.; Maddern, G.; Stead, K.; Selim, P.; O'Shaughnessy, J.; Muecke, S.; Jones, S.
2007Unicompartmental knee arthroplasty for the treatment of unicompartmental osteoarthritis: A systematic studyGriffin, T.; Rowden, N.; Morgan, D.; Atkinson, R.; Woodruff, P.; Maddern, G.
2002A systematic review of intraoperative radiotherapy in early stage breast cancerCuncins-Hearn, A.; Saunders, C.; Wilson, D.; Borg, M.; Buckingham, J.; Frizelle, F.; Maddern, G.