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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Royal Assent to South Australian Legislation - CommentLindell, G.
2003Using an IDMI methodology to make multi-criteria decisionsHu, E.; Zou, L.; Langston, C.; Huang, W.; International Solid Waste Association World Congress (2003 : Melbourne, Australia)
2003Investigation of CO/CO2 ratio for lignite charsBattye, D.; Ashman, P.; International Conference on Coal Science (12th : 2003 : Cairns, Australia)
2003Identification of AtNDI1, an internal non-phosphorylating NAD(P)H dehydrogenase in arabidopsis mitochondriaMoore, C.; Cook-Johnson, R.; Rudhe, C.; Whelan, J.; Day, D.; Wiskich, J.; Soole, K.
2003Beyond free : new poems in traditional metresBurton, T.; Dennis, K.
2003A review of the new public financial management change in AustraliaGuthrie, James; Parker, Lee David; English, L. M.
2003Media technologies in English language education: Policy and curriculum reformCheung, M.; KATE Summer International Conference (2003 : Daejon, South Korea)
2003A confirmatory factor analysis of the hospital anxiety and depression scale in coronary care patients following acute myocardial infarctionMartin, C. R.; Lewin, R. J. P.; Thompson, David R.
2003Assessing the information needs of post-myocardial infarction patients: a systematic reviewScott, J. T.; Thompson, David R.
2003Chromosome arrangement and behaviour of two rye homologous telosomes at the onset of meiosis in disomic wheat-5RL addition lines with and without the Ph1 locusMaestra, B.; de Jong, J.; Shepherd, K.; Naranjo, T.