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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009The Torrens system - definitely not GermanTaylor, G.
2009Parallel statutes : another look at the origins of Australia’s not-for-profit associations legislationtaylor, G.
2009Whole body heat exposure induces apoptosis in mouse caudal epididymal spermatozoaWechalekar, H.; Setchell, B.; Breed; Ricci, M.; Leigh, C.; Peirce; 40th Annual Conference of the Society for Reproductive Biology (SRB) (Adelaide, S.A.)
2009Last but not least : the Torrens system’s path to Western AustraliaTaylor, G.
2009Markus Rabe, Die föderale Entwicklung in Australien und Deutschland : ein Rechtsvergleich, Peter Lang, Frankfurt am Main, 2008Taylor, G.
2009A novel low-power full-adder cell for low voltageNavi, K.; Maeen, M.; Foroutan, V.; Timarchi, S.; Kavehei, O.
2009Barriers and facilitators to evidence based care of type 2 diabetes patients: experience of general practitioners participating to a quality improvement programGoderis, G.; Borgermans, L.; Mathieu, C.; Van Den Broeke, C.; Hannes, K.; Heyrman, J.; Grol, R.
2009Aluminium-sensitive Arabidopsis thaliana mutants als3 and als5 differ in response to acidic stressBose, J.; Babourina, O.; Rengel, Z.; 7th International Symposium on Plant-Soil Interactions at low pH: a nutriomic approach (17 May 2009 - 21 May 2009 : Guangzhou, China)
2009Seasonal effects on intestinal enzyme activity in the Australian agamid lizard, Lophognathus temporalisIglesias, S.; Tracy, C.; Bedford, G.; McWhorter, T.; Christian, K.
2009Optimum post and tooth root diameters for a cast post-core systemMou, Y.; Chen, Y.; Smales, R.; Yip, K.