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2009IFPA meeting 2008 workshops reportLash, G.; Ansari, T.; Bischof, P.; Burton, G.; Chamley, L.; Crocker, I.; Dantzer, V.; Desoye, G.; Drewlo, S.; Fazleabas, A.; Jansson, T.; Keating, S.; Kliman, H.; Lang, I.; Mayhew, T.; Meiri, H.; Miller, R.; Nelson, D.; Pfarrer, C.; Roberts, C.; et al.
2009Hybridisation of process-based ecosystem models with evolutionary algorithms: multi-objective optimisation of process and parameter representations of the lake simulation library SAMO-OOCao, H.; Recknagel, F.
2009Chemokines and chemokine receptors in cancer progressionAkekawatchai, C.; Kochetkova, M.; Holland, J.; McColl, S.
2009Single domain antibodies for detection of GVBMasri, A.; Rast, H.; Habili, N.; Meeting of the International Council for the Study of Virus and Virus-like Diseases of the Grapevine (16th : 2009 : Dijon, France)
2009Sail AwayNorth, I.
2009The dialectic of creativity and ownership in intellectual property discourseMoutu, Andrew
2009Promoting pregnancy health: Unintended consequences and the reinforcement of maternal responsibilityDelany, T.; State Population Health Conference (2009 : Adelaide, Australia)
2009Employers' perceptions of graduate competencies and future trends in higher vocational education in ChinaVelde, Christine Robyn
2009Surface display of IgG Fc on baculovirus vectors enhances binding to antigen-presenting cells and cell lines expressing Fc receptorsMartyn, J.; Cardin, A.; Wines, B.; Cendron, A.; Li, S.; MacKenzie, J.; Powell, M.; Gowans, E.
2009Sustainable agriculture and crop physiologySadras, V.; Calderini, D.; Connor, D.