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2012Flotation behaviour of fine particles with respect to contact angleChipfunhu, D.; Zanin, M.; Grano, S.
2012Benchmarking the flotation performance of oresMuganda, S.; Zanin, M.; Grano, S.
2006Selecting Frothers for the Flotation of Specific Ores by Means of Batch Scale Foaming TestsZanin, M.; Grano, S.; Metallurgical Plant Design and Operating Strategies Conference (5th : 2006 : Perth, Western Australia)
2005Flotation Rate Constant Prediction for Metal Sulfide ParticlesRalston, J.; Fornasiero, D.; Grano, S.; Duan, F.; Akroyd, T.; Centenary of Flotation Symposium (2005 : Brisbane, Queensland)
2008The Detrimental Impact of High Pulp Temperature on Sphalerite Flotation After Zinc Regrinding in the Zinc Plant of Somincor, Lundin Mining Corporation, Neves Corvo, PortugalHe, S.; Grano, S.; Manouchehri, H.; Fordham, M.; Curral, J.; MetPlant 2008 (18-AUG-08 : Western Australia)
2008Copper and molybdenite recovery in plant and batch laboratory cells in porphyry copper rougher flotationAmetov, I.; Grano, S.; Zanin, M.; Gredelj, S.; Magnuson, R.; Bolles, T.; Triffett, B.; International Mineral Processing Congress (IMPC) (24th : 2008 : Beijing, China)
2006Improving the flotation behavior of a sulfide ore by controlling electrochemical interactions during grindingGrano, S.; Huang, G.; International Symposium on Electrochemistry in Mineral and Metal Processing (7th : 2006 : Denver, Colorado)
2008Factors affecting froth stability in mineral flotation and implications on minerals recovery: A case of studyZanin, M.; Gredelj, S.; Grano, S.; International Mineral Processing Seminar (5th : 2008 : Santiago, Chile)
2005Rheology as a diagnostic tool in the study of particle interactions relevant to mineral flotationDuarte, A.; Grano, S.; CHEMECA (33rd : 2005 : Brisbane, Australia)
2007Use of the foam drainage equation to model water flow in flotation frothRandriamanjatosoa, L.; Zanin, M.; Grano, S.; CHEMECA (35th : 2007 : Melbourne, Australia)