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2011Influence of particle size and contact angle on the flotation of chalcopyrite in a laboratory batch flotation cellMuganda, S.; Zanin, M.; Grano, S.
2009Effects of surface functional groups of activated carbon on adsorption of triclosan from aqueous solutionFang, S.; Pendleton, P.; Badalyan, A.; Environmental Research Event (ERE) (10 Dec 2006 : Sydney)
2009Free chlorine analysers: a user's selection guideBadalyan, A.; Holmes, M.; Chow, C.; Vitanage, D.
2010An assessment of activated carbon cloth microporosity change due to chemical activationBadalyan, A.; Bromball, R.; Pendleton, P.; Skinner, W.
2009On-line free-chlorine/total-chlorine monitors' evaluation - a step towards a correct choice of residual disinfectant monitorBadalyan, A.; Buff, J.; Holmes, M.; Chow, C.; Vitanage, D.
2010Mesoporous silica synthesis in sub- and supercritical carbon dioxideChun, B.; Pendleton, P.; Badalyan, A.; Park, S.
2009Assessment of chloramination control strategy based on free-ammonia concentrationMotzko, S.; Fabris, R.; Badalyan, A.; Henderson, R.; Chow, C.; Vitanage, D.
2008Analysis of uncertainties in manometric gas-adsorption measurements II: Uncertainty in alpha S-analyses and pore volumesBadalyan, A.; Pendleton, P.
2015A duality of timescales: short-lived ultrahigh temperature metamorphism preserving a long-lived monazite growth history in the Grenvillian Musgrave-Albany-Fraser OrogenTucker, N.; Hand, M.; Kelsey, D.; Dutch, R.
2014Compressional intracontinental orogens: ancient and modern perspectivesRaimondo, T.; Hand, M.; Collins, W.