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2015Acute effects of single and multiple level thoracic manipulations on chronic mechanical neck pain: a randomized controlled trialPuntumetakul, R.; Suvarnnato, T.; Werasirirat, P.; Uthaikhup, S.; Yamauchi, J.; Boucaut, R.
2017A qualitative study of a maintenance support program for women at risk of homelessness: part 3: societal factorsMcMaster, R.; Lopez, V.; Kornhaber, R.; Cleary, M.
2014Impact of dementia on marriage: a qualitative systematic reviewEvans, D.; Lee, E.
2016Can we predict burnout among student nurses? An exploration of the ICWR-1 model of individual psychological resilienceRees, C.; Heritage, B.; Osseiran-Moisson, R.; Chamberlain, D.; Cusack, L.; Anderson, J.; Terry, V.; Rogers, C.; Hemsworth, D.; Cross, W.; Hegney, D.
2012Accuracy in documentation of peripheral venous catheters in paediatric care: an intervention study in electronic patient recordsFörberg, U.; Johansson, E.; Ygge, B.; Wallin, L.; Ehrenberg, A.
2015Nurses' perceptions of multitasking in the emergency department: effective, fun and unproblematic (at least for me) - a qualitative studyForsberg, H.; Muntlin Athlin, A.; von Thiele Schwarz, U.
2016Collective action for implementation: a realist evaluation of organisational collaboration in healthcareRycroft-Malone, J.; Burton, C.; Wilkinson, J.; Harvey, G.; McCormack, B.; Baker, R.; Dopson, S.; Graham, I.; Staniszewska, S.; Thompson, C.; Ariss, S.; Melville-Richards, L.; Williams, L.
2013The feasibility, acceptability and sustainability of nurse-led chronic disease management in Australian general practice: the perspectives of key stakeholdersHegney, D.; Patterson, E.; Eley, D.; Mahomed, R.; Young, J.
2016Implementation of symptom protocols for nurses providing telephone-based cancer symptom management: a comparative case studyStacey, D.; Green, E.; Ballantyne, B.; Tarasuk, J.; Skrutkowski, M.; Carley, M.; Chapman, K.; Kuziemsky, C.; Kolari, E.; Sabo, B.; Saucier, A.; Shaw, T.; Tardif, L.; Truant, T.; Cummings, G.G.; Howell, D.
2015Who needs bereavement support? A population based survey of bereavement risk and support needAoun, S.; Breen, L.; Howting, D.; Rumbold, B.; McNamara, B.; Hegney, D.; Maulik, P.K.