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2011Should nursing-related work experience be a prerequisite for acceptance into a nursing programme?: A study of students' reasons for withdrawing from undergraduate nursing at an Australian universityWilson, A.; Chur-Hansen, A.; Marshall, A.; Air, T.
2013Learning from incident reports in the Australian medical imaging setting: handover and communication errorsHannaford, N.; Mandel, C.; Crock, C.; Buckley, K.; Magrabi, F.; Ong, M.; Allen, S.; Schultz, T.
2004Postoperative complications in the first 24 hours: a general surgery auditZeitz, K.; McCutcheon, H.; Albrecht, A.
2002Descriptive study of nurses' compliance with postprocedural vital sign measurement in a gastrointestinal investigation unitDempsey, D.; Conroy, T.; O'Neill, S.; McCutcheon, H.
2008The effectiveness of a promotion programme on hand hygiene compliance and nosocomial infections in a neonatal intensive care unitPicheansathian, W.; Pearson, A.; Suchaxaya, P.
2004A survey of coronary risk factors and B-type natriuetic peptide concentrations in cardiac nurses from Europe: do nurses still practice what they preach?Jaarsma, T.; Stewart, S.; De Geest, S.; Fridlund, B.; Heikkila, J.; Martensson, J.; Moons, P.; Reimer, W.; Smith, K.; Stromberg, A.; Thompson, D.
2014Adult burn survivors’ personal experiences of rehabilitation: An integrative reviewKornhaber, R.; Wilson, A.; Abu-Qamar, M.; McLean, L.
2012Women's knowledge of options for birth after caesarean sectionChen, M.; Mattner, H.
2001Propofol or midazolam - which is best for the sedation of adult ventilated patients in intensive care units? A systematic reviewMagarey, J.
2003No time for dying: A study of the care of dying patients in two acute care Australian hospitalsPincombe, J.; Brown, M.; McCutcheon, H.