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2013Learning from incident reports in the Australian medical imaging setting: handover and communication errorsHannaford, N.; Mandel, C.; Crock, C.; Buckley, K.; Magrabi, F.; Ong, M.; Allen, S.; Schultz, T.
2008The physiological cost of pregnancy in a tropical viviparous snakeSchultz, T.; Webb, J.; Christian, K.
2014Knowledge translation in health care: a concept analysisKhoddam, H.; Mehrdad, N.; Peyrovi, H.; Kitson, A.; Schultz, T.; Athlin, A.
2014The effects of craniectomy compared to cranial vault remodeling on morphological, functional and neurological outcomes in infants with isolated non-syndromic sysnostosis of the sagittal suture: a systematic review protocolThwin, M.; Schultz, T.; Anderson, P.
2018Mixed methods study on the use of and attitudes towards safety checklists in interventional radiologyMunn, Z.; Giles, K.; Aromataris, E.; Deakin, A.; Schultz, T.; Mandel, C.; Peters, M.; Maddern, G.; Pearson, A.; Runciman, W.
2013Failures in transition: learning from incidents relating to clinical handover in acute careThomas, M.; Schultz, T.; Hannaford, N.; Runciman, W.
2003Energetics of bluetongue lizards (Tiliqua scincoides) in a seasonal tropical environmentChristian, K.; Webb, J.; Schultz, T.
2010Establishing national medical imaging incident reporting systems: Issues and challengesJones, D.; Benveniste, K.; Schultz, T.; Mandel, C.; Runciman, W.
2017Feasibility, acceptability and diagnostic test accuracy of frailty screening instruments in community-dwelling older people within the Australian general practice setting: a study protocol for a cross-sectional studyAmbagtsheer, R.; Visvanathan, R.; Cesari, M.; Yu, S.; Archibald, M.; Schultz, T.; Karnon, J.; Kitson, A.; Beilby, J.
2010Measuring the context of care in an Australian acute care hospital: a nurse surveySchultz, T.; Kitson, A.