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2011Pragmatism as the philosophical foundation for the Joanna Briggs meta-aggregative approach to qualitative evidence synthesisHannes, K.; Lockwood, C.
2009Questions about diagnosis: examples of appraisals from different health professionsDel Mar, C.; Bennett, S.; Elkins, M.; Lockwood, C.; Morgan, A.; Sanders, S.; Schneider-Kolsky, M.; Skeat, J.
2009Questions about clients' experiences and concerns: examples of appraisals from different health professionsBennett, S.; Bennett, J.; Lockwood, C.; Sanders, S.; Skeat, J.
2007A re-consideration of what constitutes "evidence" in the healthcare professionsPearson, A.; Wiechula, R.; Court, A.; Lockwood, C.
2009Questions about prognosis: examples of appraisals from different health professionsHoffmann, T.; Bennett, J.; Baird, M.; Elkins, M.; Lockwood, C.; Reilly, S.; Sanders, S.
2010A comparative analysis of three online appraisal instruments' ability to assess validity in qualitative ResearchHannes, K.; Lockwood, C.; Pearson, A.
2004Management of short-term indwelling urethral catheters to prevent urinary tract infectionsLockwood, C.; Page, T.; Conroy, T.; Florence, Z.
2004Effectiveness of individual therapy and group therapy in the treatment of schizophreniaLockwood, C.; Page, T.; Conroy, T.
2005Knowledge retention from preoperative patient informationStern, C.; Lockwood, C.
2003Clinical effectiveness of different approaches to peritoneal dialysis catheter exit-site careLockwood, C.; Hodgkinson, B.; Page, T.