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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008An evaluation of the effectiveness and acceptability of nurse practitioners in an adult emergency departmentWilson, A.; Shifaza, F.
2006ABS55: A qualitative study of patient perceptions of home oxygen therapyCrockett, A.; Wilson, A.; Antic, R.; Greville, H.
2005Consumers in primary health care researchWilson, A.; Clark, S.; Lester, A.
2009The clinical effectiveness of nurse practitioners' management of minor injuries in an adult emergency department: a systematic reviewWilson, A.; Zwart, E.; Everett, I.; Kernick, J.
2006Pre- and post-dive spirometry assessment of recreational scuba divers. A pilot field studyWilson, A.; Crockett, A.
2005Getting electronic guidelines right for policy and practice: evaluation of an electronic resource framework for cardiovascular risk managementWilson, A.; Turnbull, D.; Duszynski, A.; Ly, A.; Beilby, J.; GP & PHC Research Conference (2005 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2005Supporting beginning researchers through a structured academic program in primary health careWilson, A.; Stocks, N.; Lester, A.; GP & PHC Research Conference (2005 : Adelaide, South Australia)
2009Identifying barriers to implementing a cardiovascular computerised decision support system (CDSS): a Delphi survey.Wilson, A.; Opolski, M.
2007Evidence-based decision-making: The case for diabetes careAbu-Qamar, M.; Wilson, A.
2009Normative data for the Hope Scale using Australian adolescentsVenning, A.; Eliott, J.; Kettler, L.; Wilson, A.