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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011A voyage in the grief labyrinth : the impact of grief on university students’ academic progress and overall well-beingSeah, C.; Wilson, A.
2011Enduring feelings of powerlessness as a burns nurse : a descriptive phenomenological inquiryKornhaber, R.; Wilson, A.
2011Should nursing-related work experience be a prerequisite for acceptance into a nursing programme?: A study of students' reasons for withdrawing from undergraduate nursing at an Australian universityWilson, A.; Chur-Hansen, A.; Marshall, A.; Air, T.
2011Prevalence and characteristics of lung function changes in recreational scuba diversWilson, A.
2011The experience of palliative patients and their families of a family meeting utilised as an instrument for spiritual and psychosocial care: A qualitative studyTan, H.; Wilson, A.; Olver, I.; Barton, C.
2011Is hope or mental illness a stronger predictor of mental health?Venning, A.; Kettler, L.; Zajac, I.; Wilson, A.; Eliott, J.
2011Changes in lung function after compressed air divingWilson, A.
2011A matter of human rights: people's right to healthcare for mental health-substance usede Crespigny, C.; Athanasos, P.; Talmet, J.; Wilson, A.; Elliot, J.
2011An exploration of rural women's knowledge of heart disease and the association with lifestyle behavioursCrouch, R.; Wilson, A.
2011The family meeting addressing spiritual and psychosocial needs in a palliative care setting: Usefulness and challenges to implementationTan, H.; Wilson, A.; Olver, I.; Barton, C.