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2020Variation among 532 genomes unveils the origin and evolutionary history of a global insect herbivoreYou, M.; Ke, F.; You, S.; Wu, Z.; Liu, Q.; He, W.; Baxter, S.W.; Yuchi, Z.; Vasseur, L.; Gurr, G.M.; Ward, C.M.; Cerda, H.; Yang, G.; Peng, L.; Jin, Y.; Xie, M.; Cai, L.; Douglas, C.J.; Isman, M.B.; Goettel, M.S.; et al.
2020Concentrations of some legacy pollutants have increased in South Australian bottlenose dolphins from 1989 to 2014Weijs, L.; Covaci, A.; Stevenson, G.; Kemper, C.; Tomo, I.; Leusch, F.
2021Agricultural activities compromise ecosystem health and functioning of rivers: Insights from multivariate and multimetric analyses of macroinvertebrate assemblagesZhang, Y.; Leung, J.Y.S.; Zhang, Y.; Cai, Y.; Zhang, Z.; Li, K.
2020Predicting geographic ranges of marine animal populations using stable isotopes: a case study of great hammerhead sharks in eastern AustraliaRaoult, V.; Trueman, C.N.; Kingsbury, K.M.; Gillanders, B.M.; Broadhurst, M.K.; Williamson, J.E.; Nagelkerken, I.; Booth, D.J.; Peddemors, V.; Couturier, L.I.E.; Gaston, T.F.
2020Analysis of erythrocyte signalling pathways during Plasmodium falciparum infection identifies targets for host-directed antimalarial interventionAdderley, J.D.; John von Freyend, S.; Jackson, S.A.; Bird, M.J.; Burns, A.L.; Anar, B.; Metcalf, T.; Semblat, J.-P.; Billker, O.; Wilson, D.W.; Doerig, C.
2020Invasion syndromes: a systematic approach for predicting biological invasions and facilitating effective managementNovoa, A.; Richardson, D.M.; Pysek, P.; Meyerson, L.A.; Bacher, S.; Canavan, S.; Catford, J.A.; Cuda, J.; Essl, F.; Foxcroft, L.C.; Genovesi, P.; Hirsch, H.; Hui, C.; Jackson, M.C.; Kueffer, C.; Le Roux, J.J.; Measey, J.; Mohanty, N.P.; Moodley, D.; Mueller-Schaerer, H.; et al.
2020Detection of the rare Australian endemic blind cave eel (Ophisternon candidum) with environmental DNA: implications for threatened species management in subterranean environmentsWhite, N.E.; Guzik, M.T.; Austin, A.D.; Moore, G.I.; Humphreys, W.F.; Alexander, J.; Bunce, M.
2020Linking energy budget to physiological adaptation: how a calcifying gastropod adjusts or succumbs to ocean acidification and warmingLeung, J.Y.; Russell, B.D.; Connell, S.D.
2020Precise single base substitution in the shibire gene by CRISPR/Cas9-mediated homology directed repair in Bactrocera tryoniChoo, A.; Fung, E.; Chen, I.Y.; Saint, R.; Crisp, P.; Baxter, S.W.
2020Palaeomicrobiology: application of ancient DNA sequencing to better understand bacterial genome evolution and adaptationArriola, L.A.; Cooper, A.; Weyrich, L.S.