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2017Retrofitting strategy for building envelopes to achieve energy efficiencyEl-Darwish, I.; Gomaa, M.
2019Precariously placed: housing affordability, quality and satisfaction of Australians with disabilitiesAitken, Z.; Baker, E.; Badland, H.; Mason, K.; Bentley, R.; Beer, A.; Kavanagh, A.
2019An Australian geography of unhealthy housingBaker, E.; Lester, L.; Beer, A.; Bentley, R.
2018Exploring intergenerational inequalities in housing and healthBaker, E.; Reeves, A.; Smith, S.; Ronald, R.; Mason, K.; European Network of Housing Research (ENHR) (26 Jun 2018 - 29 Jun 2018 : Uppsala, Sweden)
2018The Australian Housing Conditions Dataset: Technical ReportBaker, E.; Daniel, L.; Bentley, R.; Pawson, H.; Stone, W.; Rajagopalan, P.; Hulse, K.; Beer, A.; London, K.; Zillante, G.; Randolph, B.; Australian Research Council
2016Invited commentary: Harnessing housing natural experiments is important, but beware differential misclassification of difference in differenceBentley, R.; Baker, E.; Blakely, T.
2016Neoliberalism, economic restructuring and policy change: Precarious housing and precarious employment in AustraliaBeer, A.; Bentley, R.; Baker, E.; Mason, K.; Mallett, S.; Kavanagh, A.; LaMontagne, T.
2016Housing affordability, tenure and mental health in Australia and the United Kingdom: a comparative panel analysisBentley, R.; Pevalin, D.; Baker, E.; Mason, K.; Reeves, A.; Beer, A.
2016Does employment security modify the effect of housing affordability on mental health?Bentley, R.; Baker, E.; LaMontagne, A.; King, T.; Mason, K.; Kavanagh, A.
2019Introduction to antipodean health geographiesMavoa, S.; Thornton, L.; Coffee, N.