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Type: Journal article
Title: Self-assembly of well-defined mono and dual end-capped C60 containing polyacrylic acids in aqueous solution
Author: Ravi, P.
Wang, C.
Dai, S.
Tam, K.
Citation: Langmuir, 2006; 22(17):7167-7174
Publisher: Amer Chemical Soc
Issue Date: 2006
ISSN: 0743-7463
Statement of
P. Ravi, C. Wang, S. Dai and K. C. Tam
Abstract: Well-defined stimuli-responsive mono and dual fullerene (C(60)) end-capped poly(acrylic acid)s (PAA-C(60) and C(60)-PAA-C(60)) were synthesized by reacting C(60) with well-defined mono and dual azide end-functionalized poly(tert-butyl acrylate)s, followed by hydrolysis. The aggregation behaviors of these C(60) end-capped polymers in aqueous solution were examined using potentiometric and conductometric titrations and static and dynamic light scattering as well as transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Both PAA-C(60) and C(60)-PAA-C(60) show pH-responsive and water-soluble properties at high pH. Both polymers self-assemble to form large compound micelles (LCMs) in aqueous solutions. The LCMs of PAA-C(60) exist as "compact aggregates", whereas the LCMs of C(60)-PAA-C(60) possess a "core-shell" structure with a larger size and aggregation number. The micelles for both polymers swell upon neutralization, where the R(h) of PAA-C(60) micelles increases from approximately 44 to approximately 102 nm and the R(h) of C(60)-PAA-C(60) aggregates varies from approximately 89 to approximately 128 nm with increasing degree of neutralization. The lower swelling of the dual end-capped C(60)-PAA-C(60) system is related to its higher C(60) content, which enhances the interpolymer chain hydrophobic association that restrains the swelling of micellar aggregates.
Rights: Copyright © 2006 American Chemical Society
RMID: 0020112533
DOI: 10.1021/la0606345
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