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2000(1,3)-β-glucan synthases in barleyLi, J.; Burton, R.; Paech, N.; Koltunow, A.; Langridge, P.; Fincher, G.; Logue, D.; 8th International Barley Genetics Symposium (22 Oct 2000 : Adelaide, Australia)
2009(1,3;1,4)-beta-D-glucans in cell walls of the Poaceae, lower plants, and fungi: A tale of two linkagesBurton, R.; Fincher, G.
2016(1,3;1,4)-β-glucan biosynthesis by the CSLF6 enzyme: position and flexibility of catalytic residues influence product fine structureDimitroff, G.; Little, A.; Lahnstein, J.; Schwerdt, J.; Srivastava, V.; Bulone, V.; Burton, R.; Fincher, G.
20121,4-Di-tert-butyl (2R,3R)-2-({(2E)-3-[4(acetyloxy)phenyl]prop-2-enoyl}oxy)-3hydroxybutanedioateHixson, J.; Taylor, D.; Ng, S.; Tiekink, E.
20051-MCP does not improve the shelf-life of Chinese cabbagePorter, Kerry Louise; Collins, Graham George; Klieber, Andreas
20021-MCP is more effective on a floral brassica (Brassica oleracea var. italica L.) than a leafy brassica (Brassica rapa var. chinensis)Able, A.; Wong, L.; Prasad, A.; O'Hare, T.
20161ollective selection of food patches in DrosophilaLihoreau, M.; Clarke, I.; Buhl, J.; Sumpter, D.; Simpson, S.
2007(+)-(1R 2S 3R)-2-[(Benzyloxycarbonyl)methyl]-3-phenylcyclopropanecarboxylic acidAvery, T.; Greatrex, B.; Taylor, D.; Tiekink, E.
2007(+)-(1R 2S 3S 4S)-2-Chloro-3-(phenylselanyl)cyclohexane-1 4-diolRobinson, A.; Taylor, D.; Tiekink, E.
20082,2-DPA resistance in giant Parramatta grass (Sporobolus fertilis)Ramasamy, S.; McLaren, D.; Pritchard, G.; Officer, D.; Bonilla, J.; Preston, C.; Lawrie, A.; Australian Weeds Conference (16th : 2008 : Cairns, Qld.)
20142-[(3S,3aS,5R,8S,8aS)-3,8-Dimethylhexahydro-1H,4H-3a,8a-epoxyazulen-5-yl] -propan-2-olBurrett, S.; Taylor, D.; Tiekink, E.
20212019 Daniel McAlpine Memorial Lecture. Grapevine powdery mildew: from fundamental plant pathology to new and future technologiesScott, E.S.
19963.2.9 GrassesFrost, William E.; Ridland, P. M.
2003-308 Nco I polymorphism of tumour necrosis factor a in overweight caucasiansCoates, A.; Heilbronn, L.; Noakes, M.; Kind, K.; Clifton, P.
20213D visualisation of voids in grapevine flowers and berries using X‐ray micro computed tomographyXiao, Z.; Stait‐Gardner, T.; Willis, S.A.; Price, W.S.; Moroni, F.J.; Pagay, V.; Tyerman, S.D.; Schmidtke, L.M.; Rogiers, S.Y.
20064,4'-Dihydroxy-3,3',5,5'-tetramethoxyazodioxybenzene: an unexpected dimer formed during hydroxylamine extractions of wheat flourAsenstorfer, R.; Mares, D.
2007(+)-(5S)-5-[(1S)-2-Benzoyl-1-hydroxyethyl]-1 2 3 4-tetrahydrofuran-2-oneCuthbert, J.; Taylor, D.; Tiekink, E.
20066-Benzylamino purine stimulates in vitro shoot organogenesis in Eucalyptus erythronema, E. stricklandii and their interspecific hybridsGlocke, Pauline Lesley; Collins, Graham George; Sedgley, Margaret
20048 prenylnaringenin novel phytoestrogen, inhibits angiogenesis in vitro and vivo.Pepper, M.; Hazel, S.; Humpel, M.; Schleuning, W.
20008th International Barley Genetics Symposium Volume ILogue, Susan J.