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2015Grapevine and Arabidopsis cation-chloride cotransporters localize to the Golgi and trans-Golgi network and indirectly influence long-distance ion transport and plant salt toleranceHenderson, S.; Wege, S.; Qiu, J.; Blackmore, D.; Walker, A.; Tyerman, S.; Walker, R.; Gilliham, M.
2013Protocol: optimising hydroponic growth systems for nutritional and physiological analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana and other plantsConn, S.; Hocking, B.; Dayod, M.; Xu, B.; Athman, A.; Henderson, S.; Aukett, L.; Conn, V.; Shearer, M.; Fuentes, S.; Tyerman, S.; Gilliham, M.
2010Dichotomy in the NRT gene families of dicots and grass speciesPlett, D.; Toubia, J.; Garnett, T.; Tester, M.; Kaiser, B.; Baumann, U.
2010BAC-HAPPY Mapping (BAP Mapping): a new and efficient protocol for physical mappingVu, G.; Dear, P.; Caligari, P.; Wilkinson, M.
2002Using genomic resources to guide research directions. The arabinogalactan protein gene family as a test caseSchultz, C.; Rumsewicz, M.; Johnson, K.; Jones, B.; Gaspar, Y.; Bacic, A.
2004Comparative sequence analysis of the region harboring the hardness locus in barley and its colinear region in riceCaldwell, K.; Langridge, P.; Powell, W.
2005Mutational decay and age of chloroplast and mitochondrial genomes transferred recently to angiosperm nuclear chromosomes1,[w]Huang, C.; Grunheit, N.; Ahmadinejad, N.; Timmis, J.; Martin, W.
2003The fasciclin-like arabinogalactan proteins of arabidopsis. A multigene family of putative cell adhesion moleculesJohnson, K.; Jones, B.; Bacic, A.; Schultz, C.
2013Salicylic acid improves salinity tolerance in Arabidopsis by restoring membrane potential and preventing salt-induced K⁺ loss via a GORK channelJayakannan, M.; Bose, J.; Babourina, O.; Rengel, Z.; Shabala, S.
2014bHLH05 is an interaction partner of MYB51 and a novel regulator of glucosinolate biosynthesis in arabidopsisFrerigmann, H.; Berger, B.; Gigolashvili, T.