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2015MicroRNA167-directed regulation of the auxin response factors GmARF8a and GmARF8b is required for soybean nodulation and lateral root developmentWang, Y; Li, K; Chen, L; Zou, Y; Liu, H.; Tian, Y; Li, D; Wang, R; Zhao, F; Ferguson, B; Gresshoff, P; Li, X
2016The dynamics of transcript abundance during cellularization of developing barley endospermZhang, R.; Tucker, M.; Burton, R.; Shirley, N.; Little, A.; Morris, J.; Milne, L.; Houston, K.; Hedley, P.; Waugh, R.; Fincher, G.
2007Expression and functional analysis of TaASY1 during meiosis of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum)Boden, S.; Shadiac, N.; Tucker, E.; Langridge, P.; Able, J.
2011Discovery of barley miRNAs through deep sequencing of short readsSchreiber, A.; Shi, B.; Huang, C.; Langridge, P.; Baumann, U.
2011Roles of arbuscular mycorrhizas in plant phosphorus nutrition: Interactions between pathways of phosphorus uptake in arbuscular mycorrhizal roots have important implications for understanding and manipulating plant phosphorus acquisitionSmith, S.; Jakobsen, I.; Gronlund, M.; Smith, F.
2010Dichotomy in the NRT gene families of dicots and grass speciesPlett, D.; Toubia, J.; Garnett, T.; Tester, M.; Kaiser, B.; Baumann, U.
2002Using genomic resources to guide research directions. The arabinogalactan protein gene family as a test caseSchultz, C.; Rumsewicz, M.; Johnson, K.; Jones, B.; Gaspar, Y.; Bacic, A.
2004Comparative sequence analysis of the region harboring the hardness locus in barley and its colinear region in riceCaldwell, K.; Langridge, P.; Powell, W.
2015Identification of reference genes for quantitative expression analysis of microRNAs and mRNAs in barley under various stress conditionsFerdous, J.; Li, Y.; Reid, N.; Langridge, P.; Shi, B.; Tricker, P.; Brosius, J.
2009The Role of Plasma Membrane Intrinsic Protein Aquaporins in Water Transport through Roots: Diurnal and Drought Stress Responses Reveal Different Strategies between Isohydric and Anisohydric Cultivars of GrapevineVandeleur, R.; Mayo, G.; Shelden, M.; Gilliham, M.; Kaiser, B.; Tyerman, S.