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2017Structural basis of the permeation function of plant aquaporinsLuang, S.; Hrmova, M.; Chaumont, F.; Tyerman, S.
2012Characterization of the wheat gene encoding a grain-specific lipid transfer protein TdPR61, and promoter activity in wheat, barley and riceKovalchuk, N.; Gilson, J.; Bazanova, N.; Pyvovarenko, T.; Singh, R.; Shirley, N.; Ismagul, A.; Johnson, A.; Milligan, A.; Hrmova, M.; Langridge, P.; Lopato, S.
2013Close allies in membrane protein research: cell-free synthesis and nanotechnologyShadiac, N.; Nagarajan, Y.; Waters, S.; Hrmova, M.
2003Bifunctional family 3 glycoside hydrolases from barley with alpha-L-arabinofuranosidase and beta-D-xylosidase activity - Characterization, primary structures, and COOH-terminal processingLee, R.; Hrmova, M.; Burton, R.; Lahnstein, J.; Fincher, G.
2013Structural analysis and insights into the glycon specificity of the rice GH1 Os7BGlu26 β-D-mannosidaseTankrathok, A.; Iglesias-Ferna, J.; Luang, S.; Robinson, R.; Kimura, A.; Rovira, C.; Hrmova, M.; Cairns, J.
2009Functional genomics and structural biology in the definition of gene functionHrmova, M.; Fincher, G.; Somers, D.; Langridge, P.; Gustafson, J.
2010Crystallisation of wild-type and variant forms of a recombinant plant enzyme β-D-glucan glucohydrolase from barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) and preliminary X-ray analysisLuang, S.; Cairns, J.; Streltsov, V.; Hrmova, M.
2006Reconstitution of cyanogenesis in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) and its implications for resistance against the barley powdery mildew fungusNielsen, K.; Hrmova, M.; Nielsen, J.; Forslund, K.; Ebert, S.; Olsen, C.; Fincher, G.; Moller, B.
2002Structural basis for broad substrate specificity in higher plant beta-D-glucan glucohydrolasesHrmova, M.; De Gori, R.; Smith, B.; Fairweather, J.; Driguez, H.; Varghese, J.; Fincher, G.
2000Comparative modeling of the three-dimensional structures of family 3 glycoside hydrolasesHarvey, A.; Hrmova, M.; De Gori, R.; Varghese, J.; Fincher, G.