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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Integrated strategies to moderate the alcohol content of winesRistic, R.; Hranilovic, A.; Li, S.; Longo, R.; Pham, D.; Qesja, B.; Schelezki, O.; Jiranek, V.
2004Lactic Acid Bacteria as a Potential Source of Enzymes for Use in VinificationMatthews, A.; Grimaldi, A.; Walker, M.; Bartowsky, E.; Grbin, P.; Jiranek, V.
2007Studies on the application of high-power ultrasonics for barrel and plank cleaning and disinfectionYap, A.; Jiranek, V.; Grbin, P.; Barnes, M.; Bates, D.
2002Potential for yeast exploitation of proline in grape juice to facilitate fermentation completionPoole, K.; de Barros Lopes, M.; Jiranek, V.
2011Relative efficacy of high-pressure hot water and high-power ultrasonics for wine oak barrel sanitizationSchmid, F.; Grbin, P.; Yap, A.; Jiranek, V.
2011Microvinification - how small can we go?Liccioli, T.; Tran, T.; Cozzolino, D.; Jiranek, V.; Chambers, P.; Schmidt, S.
2005A survey of glycosidase activities of commercial wine strains of Oenococcus oeniGrimaldi, A.; Bartowsky, E.; Jiranek, V.
2011β-Glucoside metabolism in Oenococcus oeni: cloning and characterization of the phospho-β-glucosidase CelDCapaldo, A.; Walker, M.; Ford, C.; Jiranek, V.
2005Screening of Lactobacillus spp. and Pediococcus spp. for glycosidase activities that are important in oenologyGrimaldi, A.; Bartowsky, E.; Jiranek, V.
2004Adaptive evolution in enhancing wine yeastMcBryde, C.; de Barros Lopes, M.; Jiranek, V.; Yeast, Products and Discovery Conference (3rd : 2004 : Nuriootpa, South Australia)