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2016Genetic analysis of developmental and adaptive traits in three doubled haploid populations of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)Obsa, B.; Eglinton, J.; Coventry, S.; March, T.; Langridge, P.; Fleury, D.
2017The impact of drought on wheat leaf cuticle propertiesBi, H.; Kovalchuk, N.; Langridge, P.; Tricker, P.J.; Lopato, S.; Borisjuk, N.
2009The International Barley Sequencing Consortium - At the Threshold of Efficient Access to the Barley GenomeSchulte, D.; Close, T.; Graner, A.; Langridge, P.; Matsumoto, T.; Muehlbauer, G.; Sato, K.; Schulman, A.; Waugh, R.; Wise, R.; Stein, N.
2012Detection of two major grain yield QTL in bread wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) under heat, drought and high yield potential environmentsBennett, D.; Reynolds, M.; Mullan, D.; Izanloo, A.; Kuchel, H.; Langridge, P.; Schnurbusch, T.
2012Characterization of the wheat gene encoding a grain-specific lipid transfer protein TdPR61, and promoter activity in wheat, barley and riceKovalchuk, N.; Gilson, J.; Bazanova, N.; Pyvovarenko, T.; Singh, R.; Shirley, N.; Ismagul, A.; Johnson, A.; Milligan, A.; Hrmova, M.; Langridge, P.; Lopato, S.
2012Bread matters: a national initiative to profile the genetic diversity of Australian wheatEdwards, D.; Wilcox, S.; Barrero, R.; Fleury, D.; Cavanagh, C.; Forrest, K.; Hayden, M.; Moolhuijzen, P.; Keeble-Gagnere, G.; Bellgard, M.; Lorenc, M.; Shang, C.; Baumann, U.; Taylor, J.; Morell, M.; Langridge, P.; Appels, R.; Fitzgerald, A.
2013Multi-environment analysis and improved mapping of a yield-related QTL on chromosome 3B of wheatBonneau, J.; Taylor, J.; Parent, B.; Bennett, D.; Reynolds, M.; Feuillet, C.; Langridge, P.; Mather, D.
2004SSRs in barley breeding and genomicsLangridge, P.; Pallotta, M.; Hayden, M.; International Barley Genetics Symposium (9th : 2004 : Brno, Czech Republic)
2007Expression and functional analysis of TaASY1 during meiosis of bread wheat (Triticum aestivum)Boden, S.; Shadiac, N.; Tucker, E.; Langridge, P.; Able, J.
2009Over-expressing a barley ZIP gene doubles grain zinc content in barley (Hordeum vulgare)Tiong, J.; Genc, Y.; McDonald, G.; Langridge, P.; Huang, C.; International Plant Nutrition Colloquium (XVI : 2009 : Sacramento, California)