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2014Fate and lability of silver in soils: effect of ageingSettimio, L.; McLaughlin, M.; Kirby, J.; Langdon, K.; Lombi, E.; Donner, E.; Scheckel, K.
2015Agronomic effectiveness of granular and fluid phosphorus fertilizers in andisols and oxisolsMontalvo, D.; Degryse, F.; McLaughlin, M.
2015Changes in soil bacterial communities and diversity in response to long-term silver exposureVasileiadis, S.; Puglisi, E.; Trevisan, M.; Scheckel, K.; Langdon, K.; McLaughlin, M.; Lombi, E.; Donner, E.; Nakatsu, C.
2011Wheat grain yield response to and translocation of foliar-applied phosphorusMcBeath, T.; McLaughlin, M.; Noack, S.
2010A method for determination of retention of silver and cerium oxide manufactured nanoparticles in soilsCornelis, G.; Kirby, J.; Beak, D.; Chittleborough, D.; McLaughlin, M.
2010Effect of water treatment residuals on soil phosphorus, copper and aluminium availability and toxicityLombi, E.; Stevens, D.; McLaughlin, M.
2011Influences of soil properties and leaching on nickel toxicity to barley root elongationLi, B.; Zhang, H.; Ma, Y.; McLaughlin, M.
2012Crop residue phosphorus: speciation and potential bio-availabilityNoack, S.; McLaughlin, M.; Smernik, R.; McBeath, T.; Armstrong, R.
2012Retention and dissolution of engineered silver nanoparticles in natural soilsCornelis, G.; Doolette, C.; Thomas, M.; McLaughlin, M.; Kirby, J.; Beak, D.; Chittleborough, D.
2013Total petroleum hydrocarbon concentration prediction in soils using diffuse reflectance infrared spectroscopyForrester, S.; Janik, L.; McLaughlin, M.; Soriano-Disla, J.; Stewart, R.; Dearman, B.