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2012An arabinoxylan-rich fraction from wheat enhances caecal fermentation and protects colonocyte DNA against diet-induced damage in pigsBelobrajdic, D.; Bird, A.; Conlon, M.; Williams, B.; Kang, S.; McSweeney, C.; Zhang, D.; Bryden, W.; Gidley, M.; Topping, D.
2012PMRD: a curated database for genes and mutants involved in plant male reproductionCui, X.; Wang, Q.; Yin, W.; Xu, H.; Wilson, Z.; Wei, C.; Pan, S.; Zhang, D.
2010An effective approach for identification of in vivo protein-DNA binding sites from paired-end ChIP-Seq dataWang, C.; Xu, J.; Zhang, D.; Wilson, Z.A.; Zhang, D.
2016Development of a RAD-seq based DNA polymorphism identification software, agromarker finder, and its application in rice marker-assisted breedingFan, W.; Zong, J.; Luo, Z.; Chen, M.; Zhao, X.; Zhang, D.; Qi, Y.; Yuan, Z.; Subudhi, P.
2017The polyketide synthase OsPKS2 is essential for pollen exine and Ubisch body patterning in riceZhu, X.; Yu, J.; Shi, J.; Tohge, T.; Fernie, A.; Meir, S.; Aharoni, A.; Xu, D.; Zhang, D.; Liang, W.
2014Comparative metabolomic analysis of wild type and mads3 mutant rice anthersQu, G.; Quan, S.; Mondol, P.; Xu, J.; Zhang, D.; Shi, J.
2008Qualitative and quantitative event-specific PCR detection methods for Oxy-235 canola based on the 3' integration flanking sequenceYang, L.; Guo, J.; Zhang, H.; Liu, J.; Zhang, D.
2013Fine mapping and analysis of DWARF TILLER1 in controlling rice architectureWang, W.; Chu, H.; Zhang, D.; Liang, W.
2015GMO detection in food and feed through screening by visual loop-mediated isothermal amplification assaysWang, C.; Li, R.; Quan, S.; Shen, P.; Zhang, D.; Shi, J.; Yang, L.
2019Inter-laboratory validation of visual loop-mediated isothermal amplification assays for GM contents screeningLi, R.; Shi, J.; Liu, B.; Wang, C.; Zhang, D.; Zhao, X.; Yang, L.