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2011A cryptic and critically endangered species revealed by mitochondrial DNA analyses: the Western Ground ParrotMurphy, S.; Joseph, L.; Burbidge, A.; Austin, J.
2015Human paleogenetics of Europe - The known knowns and the known unknownsBrandt, G.; Szécsényi-Nagy, A.; Roth, C.; Alt, K.; Haak, W.
2016Ancient mitochondrial genomes clarify the evolutionary history of New Zealand's enigmatic acanthisittid wrensMitchell, K.; Wood, J.; Llamas, B.; McLenachan, P.; Kardailsky, O.; Scofield, R.; Worthy, T.; Cooper, A.
2008Pinghua population as an exception of Han Chinese's coherent genetic structureGan, R.; Pan, S.; Mustavich, L.; Qin, Z.; Cai, X.; Qian, J.; Liu, C.; Peng, J.; Li, S.; Xu, J.; Jin, L.; Li, H.; Cooper, A.; Cooper, Alan
2018A mini-multiplex SNaPshot assay for the triage of degraded human DNABardan, F.; Higgins, D.; Austin, J.
2009Archaeobotany in Australia and New Guinea: Practice, potential and prospectsDenham, T.; Atchison, J.; Austin, J.; Bestel, S.; Bowdery, D.; Crowther, A.; Dolby, N.; Fairbairn, A.; Kennedy, A.; Field, J.; Matheson, C.; Nugent, S.; Parr, J.; Prebble, M.; Robertson, G.; Torrence, R.; Barton, H.; Fullagar, R.; Haberle, S.; Horrocks, M.; et al.
2014Climate change underlies global demographic, genetic, and cultural transitions in pre-Columbian southern PeruFehren-Schmitz, L.; Haak, W.; Mächtle, B.; Masch, F.; Llamas, B.; Cagigao, E.; Sossna, V.; Schittek, K.; Cuadrado, J.; Eitel, B.; Reindel, M.
2011Survival and recovery of DNA from ancient teeth and bonesAdler, C.; Haak, W.; Donlon, D.; Cooper, A.; Dersarkissian, C.
2011The Complete mitochondrial genome of an 11,450-year-old Aurochsen (Bos primigenius) from Central ItalyLari, M.; Rizzi, E.; Mona, S.; Corti, G.; Catalano, G.; Chen, K.; Vernesi, C.; Larson, G.; Boscato, P.; De Bellis, G.; Cooper, A.
2007Phylogeny and ancient DNA of Sus provides insights into neolithic expansion in island southeast Asia and OceaniaLarson, G.; Cucchi, T.; Fujita, M.; Matisoo-Smith, E.; Robins, J.; Anderson, A.; Rolett, B.; Spriggs, M.; Dolman, G.; Kim, T.; Thuy, N.; Randi, E.; Doherty, M.; Due, R.; Bollt, R.; Djubiantono, T.; Griffin, B.; Intoh, M.; Keane, E.; Kirch, P.; et al.