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2009Variations in hair types and stamen patterns between species of the south-eastern Australian clade of Hibbertia subgen. Hemistema (Dilleniaceae)Abdul Raheem, I.; Conran, J.; Toelken, H.; Australian Systematic Botany Society Conference (2009 : Armidale, N.S.W.)
2011Serapias lingua L.(tongue orchid): naturalised in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia - caveat cultivator?Conran, J.; Maciunas, E.; MacIunas, K.
2003Phylogenetic relationships in Magnoliaceae subfam. Magnolioideae: a morphological cladistic analysisLi, J.; Conran, J.
2007Drosera x sidjamesii (Droseraceae): systematics and ecology of a natural hybrid from Western AustraliaLowrie, A.; Conran, J.
2007The biogeography of Drosera stricticaulis (Droseraceae) in Australia: A disjunct 'island' refugee?Conran, J.; Lowrie, A.
2005Carnivorous plants in the Perth region - biology and challenges for conservationConran, J.; Lowrie, A.
2004ByblidaceaeConran, J.; Carolin, R.
2004Phylogenetic relationships within the 'core' Laureae (Litsea complex, Lauraceae) inferred from sequences of the chloroplast gene matK and nuclear ribosomal DNA ITS regionsLi, J.; Christophel, D.; Conran, J.; Li, H.
2010Euphorbiaceae: Acalyphoideae fossils from early Miocene New Zealand: Mallotus-Macaranga leaves, fruits, and inflorescence with in situ Nyssapollenites endobalteus pollenLee, D.; Bannister, J.; Raine, J.; Conran, J.
2010Calamoid fossil palm leaves and fruits (Arecaceae: Calamoideae) from Late Eocene Southland, New ZealandHartwich, S.; Conran, J.; Bannister, J.; Lindqvist, J.; Lee, D.