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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Making the most of modelling: A decision framework for the water industryBlackmore, J.; Dandy, G.; Kuczera, G.; Rahman, J.; World IMACS and MODSIM09 International Congress (18th : 2009 : Cairns, Qld)
2009Optimum design of sustainable water supply systemsHarnett, L.; Nicolson, J.; Tennant, R.; Dandy, G.; Maier, H.; Ozwater 09 (2009 : Melbourne, Australia)
2006Improving metamodel-based optimization of water distribution systems with local searchBroad, D.; Dandy, G.; Maier, H.; Nixon, J.; IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (2006 : Vancouver, B.C.)
2006An overview of a generic, real-time, near-optimal control system for water-distribution networksRao, Z.; Jamieson, D.; Dandy, G.; IWA World Water Congress (5th : 2006 : Beijing, China)
2006Minimum number of generations required for convergence of genetic algorithmsGibbs, M.; Maier, H.; Dandy, G.; Nixon, J.; IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation (2006 : Vancouver, B.C.)
2006Critical values of a kernel density-based mutual information estimatorMay, R.; Dandy, G.; Maier, H.; Fernando, T.; International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (2006 : Vancouver, Canada)
2010Optimization of mine ventilation networks using genetic algorithms and artificial neural networksLowndes, I.; Dandy, G.; Marshall, T.; Schmidt, T.; N, G.; Raynor, G.; US/North American Mine Ventilation Symposium (13th : 2010 : Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)
2010Multi-objective ant colony optimization applied to environmental flow managementSzemis, J.; Dandy, G.; Maier, H.; Water 2010 Symposium (2010 : Quebec City, Canada)
2000Use of evolutionary artificial neural network models to forecast concentrations of cyanobacteria in the River MurrayBowden, G.; Dandy, G.; Maier, H.; International Hydrology and Water Resources Symposium (3rd : 2000 : Perth, W.A.)
2010Parameterization of a gridded rainfall-runoff model for Southern AustraliaGibbs, M.; Maier, H.; Dandy, G.; International Conference on Hydro-science and Engineering (9th : 2010 : Tamil Nadu, India)