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2010Neoproterozoic orogeny along the margin of Rodinia: Valhalla orogen, North AtlanticCawood, P.; Strachan, R.; Cutts, K.; Kinny, P.; Hand, M.; Pisarevsky, S.
2005Tectonic cycles in the Strangways Metamorphic Complex, Arunta Inlier, central Australia: geochronological evidence for exhumation and basin formation between two high-grade metamorphic eventsMaidment, D.; Hand, M.; Williams, I.
2002The P-T record of synchronous magmatism, metamorphism and deformation at Petrel Cove, southern Adelaide Fold BeltAlias, G.; Sandiford, M.; Hand, M.; Worley, B.
2010Unravelling the tectonothermal evolution of reworked Archean granulite facies metapelites using in situ geochronology: an example from the Gawler Craton, AustraliaDutch, R.; Hand, M.; Kelsey, D.
2007Linking crustal reworking to terrane accretionClark, C.; Hand, M.; Kelsey, D.; Goscombe, B.
2007On the application of in situ monazite chemical geochronology to constraining P–T–t histories in high-temperature (>850 °C) polymetamorphic granulites from Prydz Bay, East AntarcticaKelsey, D.; Hand, M.; Clark, C.; Wilson, C.
2006Crustal architecture of the Himalayan metamorphic front in eastern NepalGoscombe, B.; Gray, D.; Hand, M.
2001Continental reactivation and reworking: an introductionHoldsworth, R.; Hand, M.; Miller, J.; Buick, I.
2011Isotopic and geochemical constraints on the Paleoproterozoic Hutchison Group, southern Australia: Implications for Paleoproterozoic continental reconstructionsSzpunar, M.; Hand, M.; Hatch, K.; Jagodzinski, L.; Belousova, E.
2008High-grade Paleoproterozoic reworking in the southeastern Gawler Craton, South AustraliaDutch, R.; Hand, M.; Kinny, P.