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2010South Australian Geothermal Research CentreHand, M.; Ngothai, Y.; Australian Geothermal Energy Conference (3rd : 2010 : Adelaide, Australia)
2012Permeability correction factor for fractures with permeable wallsMohais, R.; Xu, C.; Dowd, P.; Hand, M.
2003The hot southern continent: heat flow and heat production in Australian Proterozoic terranesMcLaren, S.; Sandiford, M.; Hand, M.; Neumann, N.; Wyborn, L.; Bastrakova, I.
2004Boudinage classification: end-member boudin types and modified boudin structuresGoscombe, B.; Passchier, C.; Hand, M.
2009Evidence for 930 Ma metamorphism in the Shetland Islands, Scottish Caledonides: Implications for Neoproterozoic tectonics in the Laurentia-Baltica sector of RodiniaCutts, K.; Hand, M.; Kelsey, D.; Wade, B.; Strachan, R.; Clark, C.; Netting, A.
2011Evidence for early Mesoproterozoic (ca. 1590 Ma) ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism in southern AustraliaCutts, K.; Hand, M.; Kelsey, D.
2013Evidence for late Paleoproterozoic (ca 1690-1665 Ma) high- to ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism in southern Australia: Implications for Proterozoic supercontinent modelsCutts, K.; Kelsey, D.; Hand, M.
2003The metamorphic architecture of a transpressional orogen: the Kaoko Belt, NamibiaGoscombe, B.; Hand, M.; Gray, D.; Mawby, J.
2003Structure of the Kaoko Belt, Nambia: progressive evolution of a classic transpressional orogenGoscombe, B.; Hand, M.; Gray, D.
2009Ediacaran intracontinental channel flowRaimondo, T.; Collins, A.; Hand, M.; Walker-Hallam, A.; Smithies, H.; Evins, P.; Howard, H.