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2008Polymer networks assembled by host−guest inclusion between adamantyl and β-cyclodextrin substituents on poly(acrylic acid) in aqueous solutionLi, L.; Guo, X.; Wang, J.; Liu, P.; Prud'homme, R.; May, B.; Lincoln, S.
2002Synthesis and coordination chemistry of 1,4,7,10,13-pentakis( 2-hydroxyethyl)-1,4,7,10,13-pentaazacyclopentadecane: a five armed pendant donor macrocycleWalters, K.; Buntine, M.; Lincoln, S.; Wainwright, K.
2001Cyclodextrins to limit substrate inhibition and alter substrate selectivity displayed by enzymesEaston, C.; Harper, J.; Head, S.; Lee, K.; Lincoln, S.
2000Square pegs in round holes. Preparation and intramolecular complexation of cubyl substituted b-cyclodextrins and of an adamantane analogueMay, B.; Clements, P.; Tsanaktsidis, J.; Easton, C.; Lincoln, S.
2000{D-1,4,7,10 -Tetrakis[(S)-2-hydroxy-propyl-kO]-1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane-k4N}cadmium(II) 4-nitro-phenolate hydrateDavies, P.; Lincoln, S.; Smith, C.; Taylor, M.; Wainwright, K.; Wallwork, K.
1995Complexation of fluorinated amino acid derivatives by b- and g-cyclodextrin in aqueous solution. A 19F nuclear magnetic resonance studyBrown, S.; Easton, C.; Lincoln, S.
2000Intramolecular complexation in modified b-cyclodextrins: a preparative, nuclear magnetic resonance and pH titration studyField, M.; May, B.; Clements, P.; Tsanaktsidis, J.; Easton, C.; Lincoln, S.
2003Installation of a ratchet tooth and pawl to restrict rotation in a cyclodextrin rotaxaneOnagi, H.; Blake, C.; Easton, C.; Lincoln, S.
2004Cyclodextrin complexation of the stilbene 4-(2-(4-Tert-butylphenyl)ethen-1-yl)benzoate and the self-assembly of molecular devicesLock, J.; May, B.; Clements, P.; Lincoln, S.; Easton, C.
2001An hermaphrodite [2]rotaxane: Preparation and analysis of structureOnagi, H.; Easton, C.; Lincoln, S.