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2010Davallia (Polypodiales: Davalliaceae) macrofossils from Early Miocene Otago (New Zealand) with in situ sporesConran, J.; Kaulfuss, U.; Bannister, J.; Mildenhall, D.; Lee, D.
2008A new species and section of Utricularia (Lentibulariaceae) from northern AustraliaLowrie, A.; Cowie, I.; Conran, J.
2007A revision of the Drosera omissa/D-nitidula complex (Droseraceae) from south-west Western AustraliaLowrie, A.; Conran, J.
2007Droseraceae gland and germination patterns revisited: Support for recent molecular phylogenetic studiesConran, J.; Jaudzems, G.; Hallam, N.
2012Malva weinmanniana (Besser ex Rchb.) Conran, a new name for the pink-flowered form of M. preissiana Schltdl. (Malvaceae)Conran, J.; Barker, R.; Rippey, E.
2012The genus Alisma L.(Alismataceae)in South AustraliaConran, J.
2005[Contributions to Horticultural flora of south-eastern Australia: the identification of garden and cultivated plants. Volume 5: Flowering plants, Monocotyledons]Conran, J.
2009Variations in hair types and stamen patterns between species of the south-eastern Australian clade of Hibbertia subgen. Hemistema (Dilleniaceae)Abdul Raheem, I.; Conran, J.; Toelken, H.; Australian Systematic Botany Society Conference (2009 : Armidale, N.S.W.)
2011Serapias lingua L.(tongue orchid): naturalised in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia - caveat cultivator?Conran, J.; Maciunas, E.; MacIunas, K.
2003Phylogenetic relationships in Magnoliaceae subfam. Magnolioideae: a morphological cladistic analysisLi, J.; Conran, J.