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2008Disulfide-containing peptides from the glandular skin secretions of froglets of the genus Crinia: Structure, activity and evolutionary trendsJackway, R.; Pukala, T.; Maselli, V.; Musgrave, I.; Bowie, J.; Liu, Y.; Surinya, K.; Donnellan, S.; Doyle, J.; Llewellyn, L.; Tyler, M.
2008Birth of a biome: insights into the assembly and maintenance of the Australian arid zone biotaByrne, M.; Yeates, G.; Joseph, L.; Kearney, M.; Bowler, J.; Williams, M.; Cooper, S.; Donnellan, S.; Keogh, J.; Leijs, R.; Melville, J.; Murphy, D.; Porch, N.; Myrwoll, K.
2013Delimiting species in recent radiations with low levels of morphological divergence: A case study in Australian Gehyra geckosSistrom, M.; Donnellan, S.; Hutchinson, M.
2009Phylogenetic endemism: a new approach for identifying geographical concentrations of evolutionary historyRosauer, D.; Crisp, M.; Donnellan, S.; Laffan, S.; Cook, L.
2006The amphibian tree of lifeFrost, D.; Grant, T.; Faivovich, J.; Bain, R.; Haas, A.; Haddad, C.; DE SA, R.; Channing, A.; Wilkinson, M.; Donnellan, S.; Raxworthy, C.; Campbell, J.; Blotto, B.; Moler, P.; Drewes, R.; Nussbaum, R.; Lynch, J.; Green, D.; Wheeler, W.
2009Predicting reproductive success of insect- versus bird-pollinated scattered trees in agricultural landscapesOttewell, K.; Donnellan, S.; Lowe, A.; Paton, D.
2013Tracing the history and biogeography of the Australian blindsnake radiationMarin, J.; Donnellan, S.; Hedges, S.; Doughty, P.; Hutchinson, M.; Cruaud, C.; Vidal, N.
2006Host-defence peptide profiles of the skin secretions of interspecific hybrid tree frogs and their parents, female Litoria splendida and male Litoria caeruleaPukala, T.; Bertozzi, T.; Donnellan, S.; Bowie, J.; Surinya, K.; Liu, Y.; Jackway, R.; Doyle, J.; Llewellyn, L.; Tyler, M.
2007Consistent social structure within aggregations of the Australian lizard, Egernia stokesii across seven disconnected rocky outcropsGardner, M.; Bull, C.; Fenner, A.; Murray, K.; Donnellan, S.
2011Multiple geographic origins of commensalism and complex dispersal history of black ratsAplin, K.; Suzuki, H.; Chinen, A.; Chesser, R.; ten Have, J.; Donnellan, S.; Austin, J.; Frost, A.; Gonzales, J.; Herbreteau, V.; Catzeflis, F.; Soubrier, J.; Fang, Y.; Robins, J.; Matisoo-Smith, E.; Bastos, A.; Maryanto, I.; Sinaga, M.; Denys, C.; Van Den Bussche, R.; et al.