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2011Visible near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy as a predictive indicator of soil propertiesSummers, D.; Lewis, M.; Ostendorf, B.; Chittleborough, D.
2012Buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) as an invader and threat to biodiversity in arid environments: A reviewMarshall, V.; Lewis, M.; Ostendorf, B.
2011Environmental zonation across the Australian arid region based on long-term vegetation dynamicsLawley, E.; Lewis, M.; Ostendorf, B.
2008An image-based diversity index for assessing land degradation in an and environment in South AustraliaJafari, R.; Lewis, M.; Ostendorf, B.
2017Climate change and the economics of biomass energy feedstocks in semi-arid agricultural landscapes: a spatially explicit real options analysisRegan, C.; Connor, J.; Raja Segaran, R.; Meyer, W.; Bryan, B.; Ostendorf, B.
2005Environmental decision support systems: Current issues methods and toolsMatthies, M.; Giupponi, C.; Ostendorf, B.
2007Evaluation of vegetation indices for assessing vegetation cover in southern arid lands in South AustraliaJafari, R.; Lewis, M.; Ostendorf, B.
2011Spatial indicators of fire risk in the arid and semi-arid zone of AustraliaTurner, D.; Lewis, M.; Ostendorf, B.
2007CREDOS: A Conservation Reserve Evaluation and Design Optimisation SystemCrossman, N.; Perry, L.; Bryan, B.; Ostendorf, B.
2018A comparison between video and still imagery as a methodology to determine southern hairy-nosed wombat (Lasiorhinus latifrons) burrow occupancy ratesSwinbourne, M.J.; Taggart, D.A.; Ostendorf, B.