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2018Relaxin deficiency leads to uterine artery dysfunction during pregnancy in miceMarshall, S.; Senadheera, S.; Jelinic, M.; O'Sullivan, K.; Parry, L.; Tare, M.
2016Molecular phylogenetics and the morphology of the Lycopodiaceae subfamily Huperzioideae supports three genera: Huperzia, Phlegmariurus and PhylloglossumField, A.; Testo, W.; Bostock, P.; Holtum, J.; Waycott, M.
2009Engineering modelling and analysisWalker, D.; Leonard, M.; Metcalfe, A.; Lambert, M.
2006Integrated modelling: Construction, selection, uncertaintyJakeman, A.; Norton, J.; Letcher, R.; Maier, H.
2018Australian shellfish ecosystems: past distribution, current status and future directionGillies, C.L.; McLeod, I.M.; Alleway, H.K.; Cook, P.; Crawford, C.; Creighton, C.; Diggles, B.; Ford, J.; Hamer, P.; Heller-Wagner, G.; Lebrault, E.; Le Port, A.; Russell, K.; Sheaves, M.; Warnock, B.
2012Off-site transport of nutrients and sediment from three main land-uses in the Mt Lofty Ranges, South AustraliaCox, J.; Oliver, D.; Fleming, N.; Anderson, J.
2013Cambrian palaeoscolecids (Cycloneuralia) from Gondwana and reappraisal of species assigned to PalaeoscolexGarcia-Bellido, D.; Paterson, J.; Edgecombe, G.
2009Options for increasing the biological cycling of phosphorus in low-input and organic agricultural systemsGuppy, C.; McLaughlin, M.
2012Temporal variability in estuarine fish otolith elemental fingerprints: implications for connectivity assessmentsReis Dos Santos, P.; Gillanders, B.; Tanner, S.; Vasconcelos, R.; Elsdon, T.; Cabral, H.
2013Effects of temperature, salinity and water composition on otolith elemental incorporation of Dicentrarchus labraxReis Dos Santos, P.; Tanner, S.; Elsdon, T.; Cabral, H.; Gillanders, B.