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2012Duration of high-pressure metamorphism and cooling during the intraplate Petermann OrogenyWalsh, A.; Raimondo, T.; Kelsey, D.; Hand, M.; Pfitzner, H.; Clark, C.
2012Anatase nanoparticles on supergene platinum-palladium aggregates from Brazil: Titanium mobility in natural watersCabral, A.; Reith, F.; Lehman, B.; Brugger, J.; Meinhold, G.; Tupinamba, M.; Kwitko-Ribeiro, R.
2013Gene duplication in the major insecticide target site, Rdl, in Drosophila melanogasterRemnant, E.J.; Good, R.T.; Schmidt, J.M.; Lumb, C.; Robin, C.; Daborn, P.J.; Batterham, P.
2011CFD modelling of hydrodynamics and degradation kinetics in an annular slurry photocatalytic reactor for wastewater treatmentQi, N.; Zhang, H.; Jin, B.; Zhang, K.
2011A novel method for mapping reefs and subtidal rocky habitats using artificial neural networksWatts, M.; Li, Y.; Russell, B.; Mellin, C.; Connell, S.; Fordham, D.
2013Leaf wax n-alkane distributions in and across modern plants: implications for paleoecology and chemotaxonomyBush, R.; McInerney, F.
2019Mid Miocene-Last Interglacial Callitris (Cupressaceae) from south-eastern AustraliaPaull, R.; Hill, R.S.; Jordan, G.; Sniderman, K.
2007Morbidity and mortality during heatwaves in metropolitan AdelaideNitschke, M.; Tucker, G.; Bi, P.
2018Ecomorphological diversity of Australian tadpolesSherratt, E.; Anstis, M.; Keogh, J.
2019Laboratory contamination over time during low-biomass sample analysisWeyrich, L.S.; Farrer, A.G.; Eisenhofer, R.; Arriola, L.A.; Young, J.; Selway, C.A.; Handsley-Davis, M.; Adler, C.J.; Breen, J.; Cooper, A.