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2001Discrimination between related and unrelated individuals in the Australian lizard Egernia striolataBull, C.; Griffin, C.; Bonnett, M.; Gardner, M.; Cooper, S.
2019Retrospective eDNA assessment of potentially harmful algae in historical ship ballast tank and marine port sedimentsShaw, J.L.; Weyrich, L.; Hallegraeff, G.; Cooper, A.
2019The ecosystem services of marine aquaculture: valuing benefits to people and natureAlleway, H.; Gillies, C.; Bishop, M.; Gentry, R.; Theuerkauf, S.; Jones, R.
2011A hydraulic mixing-cell method to quantify the groundwater component of streamflow within spatially distributed fully integrated surface water-groundwater flow modelsPartington, D.; Brunner, P.; Simmons, C.; Therrien, R.; Werner, A.; Dandy, G.; Maier, H.
2012A generic framework for regression regionalization in ungauged catchmentsGibbs, M.; Maier, H.; Dandy, G.
2010Alternative carriers for remote renewable energy sources using existing CNG infrastructureDickinson, R.; Battye, D.; Linton, V.; Ashman, P.; Nathan, G.
2012Duration of high-pressure metamorphism and cooling during the intraplate Petermann OrogenyWalsh, A.; Raimondo, T.; Kelsey, D.; Hand, M.; Pfitzner, H.; Clark, C.
2012Anatase nanoparticles on supergene platinum-palladium aggregates from Brazil: Titanium mobility in natural watersCabral, A.; Reith, F.; Lehman, B.; Brugger, J.; Meinhold, G.; Tupinamba, M.; Kwitko-Ribeiro, R.
2013Gene duplication in the major insecticide target site, Rdl, in Drosophila melanogasterRemnant, E.J.; Good, R.T.; Schmidt, J.M.; Lumb, C.; Robin, C.; Daborn, P.J.; Batterham, P.
2011CFD modelling of hydrodynamics and degradation kinetics in an annular slurry photocatalytic reactor for wastewater treatmentQi, N.; Zhang, H.; Jin, B.; Zhang, K.