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Environment Institute publications
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2013Can biological toxicity drive the contrasting behavior of platinum and gold in surface environments?Brugger, J.; Etschmann, B.; Grosse, C.; Plumridge, C.; Kaminski, J.; Paterson, D.; Shar, S.; Ta, C.; Howard, D.; de Jonge, M.; Ball, A.; Reith, F.
2012The effect of climate and environmental change on the megafaunal moa of New Zealand in the absence of humansRawlence, N.; Metcalf, J.; Wood, J.; Worthy, T.; Austin, J.; Cooper, A.
2012Supergene gold transformation: biogenic secondary and nano-particulate gold from arid AustraliaFairbrother, L.; Brugger, J.; Shapter, J.; Laird, J.; Southam, G.; Reith, F.
2001Preliminary evidence of toxicity associated with the benthic cyanobacterium Phormidium in South AustraliaBaker, P.; Steffensen, D.; Humpage, A.; Nicholson, B.; Falconer, I.; Lanthois, B.; Fergusson, K.; Saint, C.
2010Pitfalls of classifying ancient magmatic suites with tectonic discrimination diagrams: An example from the Paleoproterozoic Tunkillia Suite, southern AustraliaPayne, J.; Ferris, G.; Hatch, K.; Hand, M.
2005Input determination for neural network models in water resources applications. Part 1 - background and methodologyBowden, G.; Dandy, G.; Maier, H.
2011DNA barcoding to support conservation: species identification, genetic structure and biogeography of fishes in the Murray-Darling River Basin, AustraliaHardy, C.; Adams, M.; Jerry, D.; Court, L.; Morgan, M.; Hartley, D.
2002The piosphere revisited: plant species patterns close to waterpoints in small, fenced paddocks in chenopod shrublands of South AustraliaHeshmatti, G.; Facelli, J.; Conran, J.
2000Systematics of Ruscaceae/Convallariaceae: a combined morphological and molecular investigationRudall, P.; Conran, J.; Chase, M.